Dr. John Siebert, sex vulture and thief, is at it again.

Siebert has defrauded 300 East 64th Street, gaining occupancy in apartment 9C, a one bedroom unit. Siebert filed false and fraudulent application documents for this rental unit and is illegally using the unit as a medical office.

Siebert has been evicted out of 875 Park Ave, NYC, as an illegal squatter/sub-tenant, evicted out of 799 Park Ave for bum checks and illegal financing, evicted out of 630 Park Ave by Dr. Dan Baker and evicted out of 50 E. 70th Street by Drs. Ashton and Walden for sex abuses of patients.

Siebert has been terminated by NYU/Langone, Manhattan Eye and Ear and Lenox Hill hospitals for cause. How did Siebert defraud Classic Realty, LLC? By fraud, fraud and more fraud . . .

Within a few weeks of his eviction out of 875 Park Avenue, slickster/con-artist Dr. John Siebert has defrauded yet another landlord, this time in a residential rental building - 300 East 64th Street, NYC, Apt 9C.

The bum and documented sex vulture, John Siebert, has filed a false application with owners Classic Realty, LLC of 400 Park Ave, NYC and did not disclose that he is a criminal, a sex rapist, an accused pedophile and a tax evader, a perjurer and indebted for over $20 million in notes, guarantees and defaulted obligations.

Siebert failed to disclose his many evictions, sex abuses, NY state investigations into his criminal acts and rapes of Diane Kleiman, Muriel Karass, Linda M., and Ms. Rachel.

Siebert is a documented sociopath and a phony -

As other landlords have evicted Siebert, here at 300 East 64th Street Siebert defrauded the landlord as to his background, and is illegally using apt 9C as a medical office to permit rogue Siebert the opportunity to molest and sexually abuse yet more victim-patients.

Siebert surely did not disclose to Classic Realty, LLC that he owes a fortune in unpaid notes, taxes and other obligations and that he is a perjurer and a criminal engaged in illegal enterprises.

Please see Siebert's victim documents and his evictions out of four medical offices and firings for cause by three NYC hospitals.

Siebert is a undesirable tenant in a septic-tank, much less a respectable building in NYC, i.e 300 East 64th street, NYC, Apt. 9C.


New York County DA

Rachel Letters:


Rachel Letter and Envelope

Linda M. Letter:


Kleiman Affidavit:


Karas Documents:

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Summons

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Complaint

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Complaint Dismissed

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