Dr. John Siebert, we have been told by many victims, suffers from severe mental disorders

Dr. John Siebert - we have been told by many of Siebert's victims that this doctor Siebert suffers from severe mental disorders, is a sex pervert, and a sociopath - we are told he has victims dress up like children and engages in predatory sex acts.

Siebert is a menace and belongs in jail--- run out of NYC in disgrace for sexually molesting innocent victim patients and robbing a fortune from patients and associates is rabid and desperate -- a pathetic sex molester and pedophile -- hires an internet scam company to spread lies and deceptions about him ---although he is a confirmed sex abuser, and rapist molesting Diane Kleiman, Muriel Karass, Linda M. , Ms. Rachel and about five more victims who wish to remain in the background until Siebert's medical license is pulled in NY state.

Siebert is so desperate he is engaged in threats, thefts and extortion yet he has been fired from four NYC hospitals and evicted from five NY medical offices. Any articles on the web are scams, frauds and untrue and a scheme to try and whitewash Siebert’s crimes, thefts and sex and narco abuses.

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