Dr. John Siebert's sex-kitten Ms. Rachel labels Kenneth V. Gomez an 'asshole', a 'intimidator' and an extortionist

Rachel knows best about Kenneth V. Gomez and Dr. John W. Siebert!

John Siebert MD, labeled by his sex kitten Ms. Rachel as 'quick draw John W. Siebert', recently, Rachel was visited, according to her, by 'asshole Gomez'. Apparently thug Gomez was recruited by Siebert to intimidate Rachel to 'shut-up' about Siebert's perverted sex habits and pedophilia. Rachel outlines Gomez as the following in her recent letter sent to Scamraiders by first class mail.

As to Gomez, Rachel states: Gomez is a idiotic asshole...Siebert sent asshole Gomez to do Siebert's dirty work of threats.” To “take money and shut-up...Gomez constantly had his hand in his pocket, playing pocket pool...(We guess this means Gomez was playing with himself through his pants pocket witnessed by Rachel and friends). Gomez is an “idiotic Mexican asshole who spits and gawks at women (referring to Rachel's friends). “And acted very nervous (Apparently, Gomez could not perform) when attempting to engage in sex with [a Rachel] associate.”

All this is according to Rachel's letter and her reports, please see Rachel's full letter on Scamraiders' home page. As to Mr. Gomez abuses and perversions and the perversions and intimidations of Dr Siebert.

Rachel further describes Dr. John Siebert's following sociopathic acts: “likes little girls...has a thing for little boys... likes watching 2 women making love and masturbating nearby...demanded [Rachel] dress like a child and rips [her] panties off”

As Rachel describes them, Siebert and Gomez are a couple of demented thugs, extortionists and perverts. Gomez, while pimping and bullying, hides behind the fact he may be a lawyer, but Scamraiders has documented/ undenied that Gomez is a sociopath, a liar, a desperado a perjurer a thug and a trickster.

Ms. Rachel and others he has tried to bribe and intimidate have Gomez's number as an “asshole”, their words not ours. We at Scamraiders deal in facts and the facts prove Gomez is a thief, perjurer, a bully and a front for Pavia and Siebert, engaging in threats, harassments and fraud on the internet, at the courthouse and by criminal acts all undenied by Gomez and documented by Scamraiders. Gomez is a documented deceptive bad-egg, a dead-beat liar and a fraud, he will do and say anything for a few bucks, a bag man.

Is Ms. Rachel right? Is Kenneth V. Gomez an “idiotic Mexican asshole”? Is Mr. Gomez a “dirt-bag”? Email us at Scamraiders or post a blog and remember the reward for more info on Gomez, Siebert, Pavia, Burke, courthouse corruption, harassment, extortion and crimes, etc. Keep the reports and proofs coming to Scamraiders, we will review them investigate and report and publish the facts.

Helping victims help themselves!!!

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