Dr. John Siebert---victims report that he continues to harass and intimidate them

The ever growing list of vulture Siebert's victims-------these persons who have provided Scamraiders with documents and proof of Siebert's sex abuses, thefts, emotional thefts, insurance frauds, pedophilia and narco-abuse----report to Scamraiders that rogue Siebert---individually and in concert with his thug lawyers Joseph M. Burke and Kenneth V. Gomez---continue to harass, intimidate and extort and try to bribe some of these victims----threatening that they better not further divulge or testify against Siebert about his criminal sex acts, thefts and worse.

Scamraiders has evidence of these outlaws-----undenied---- courthouse corruption, obstruction of justice, perjury, tampering, and bribery----Siebert is becoming more desperate and his thugs are working overtime to railroad the rules of law by perjury corruption, fraud and bribery-----and by Siebert-burke-Gomez contumacious violations of a injunction that Siebert and all in concert with him and burke are bound by--------this charade of intimidation, extortion and collusion engaged in by Siebert and his gang violates federal laws and they will be made accountable for their crimes---

Siebert must be put on trial for his corruption, and rampant abuses of innocent patient victims that he used for his demented sexual gratification--------see Scamraiders for more on this unfolding story

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