Dr. John W Siebert again lies on his web-site and gains entry into Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital by fraud and deception

Siebert was discharged from Lenox Hill hospital the owners of Manhattan Eye and Ear and was fired from 'MEET' as well

Vulture John Siebert a thief and a rapist falsifies his web site lying about his having access to Manhattan Eye and Ear hospital ('MEET'). This is a fraud; MEET is an adjunct to and a part of Lenox Hill hospital. Siebert has been fired from Lenox Hill and MEET for cause and his lying on his web-site and, according to informants trying to misuse meet's facilities are crimes and constitute trespass, Siebert is not, according to informants and hospital officials, in any way a part of or affiliated with MEET or Lenox Hill hospitals. Further, NYU/Langone hospital have again caused Siebert to remove from his web-site any reference to affiliation with them as it is false and non-existent as Siebert was fired for cause.

See Scamraiders for Siebert's falsification of his web-site and more details as to Siebert's corruption and rogue conduct.

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