Dr. John W. Siebert cons and manipulates UW Hospital in Madison, turn their back on Siebert's documented dastardly sex abuses, narco abuses, molesting of patients and other corrupt acts

UW Hospital has apparently a greater interest in revenue than the safety of its patients. UW Hospital has been provided with a plethora of documentary proof of Siebert's predatory sex acts of rapes of his patients emotions, money and bodies.

UW is aware that this sex vulture Siebert has been fired from 4 prominent NYC hospitals for cause and UW is aware of Siebert's being evicted from 4 or 5 medical offices also for cause and the UW Hospital is aware of the NY State investigation into Siebert for the termination of his medical license.

They know that Siebert is a defendant in cases where Siebert is charged with abuses and mutilation of patients and that Siebert is charged as a pedophile.

UW Hospital, you are a disgrace to legitimate medical institutions who care about the safety of their patients - please read Diane Kleiman’s affidavit; Linda M.’s Letters; Muriel Karas charges; and Ms. Rachel’s charges against sociopath Dr. Siebert.


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