Fakers Joseph M. Burke, Esq. and disgraced Dr. John Siebert have compromised, corrupted, tampered with judges and referees in the Unified Court System

Fakers Joseph M. Burke, Esq. and disgraced Dr. John Siebert have compromised, corrupted, tampered with judges and referees in the Unified Court System in order to avoid judgments for $20 million in unconditional notes and other obligations executed by sex offender and thief John Siebert, MD - Siebert and Burke have engaged in now well documented perjury, suppression of evidence, fraud on the court, contempt, violations of a injunction, tampering and probable bribes - the paper trail reveals a scheme of unethical conduct, railroading, judicial misconduct, and outright fraud and rampant abuse, deception and corruption engaged in by certain judges, referees instigated by a bad-egg lawyer Joe Burke and a desperate rogue sex predator and healthcare thief Dr. John Siebert

These matters involving the long paper trail of corruption, perjury, obstructing justice, violations of the U.S. Constitution and unethical acts are carefully documented in the Jim Couri vs Siebert et al case and $20 million in claims - Siebert and Burke have now been caught culminating with judge Wooten's judicial fraud over interstate phone lines systematically scheming to disenfranchise Couri of his legal rights by concocting lies and deception confirmed by facts and evidence of Judge Wooten's ambush over interstate phones in a court proceeding a federal crime by intentional corrupt acts by a presiding judge intent on depriving Jim Couri of his constitutional rights.

In 2005 the NY Times published a article “how judges hide from justice” the article will be posted on home page of Scamraiders on Monday 4-18-11.

Six years later, the courthouse corruption, fakers and unethical acts in NY has become a laughing stock - corrupt, crooked lawyers waiting in the rafters to swoop in a offer 'goodies' to unethical judges at the ready to excoriate the unsuspecting sucker litigant who was sold down the river by a corrupt deal-making judge and a cheating lawyer waving cash in exchange for a fix.

The federal government - the FBI and the Department of Justice - now must take hold of the misuse of the judiciary by certain unethical and corrupt judges and court referees. The supposed “commission on judicial conduct” which is a toothless tiger sadly does not have the resources to carefully pursue corrupt and incompetent judges who by fixes or incompetence ruin peoples lives.

As a result judges are running their own 'businesses' in the 'back-rooms'. These bad-eggs must be hung out to dry in the public domain by RICO, federal law enforcement and who thumb their nose at a ineffective state agency - commission on judicial conduct, who allows far too much corruption

The archaic manner that these rogue judges are put in their 'black-robes' in New York, so that they can manipulate the rules of law, is a well documented disgrace and a farce as expressed by eastern district-Brooklyn Federal Judge John Gleeson recently.

These certain corrupt, albeit powerful, supposed NY Unified Courthouse 'public-servants' installed in 'black-robes' can and will rob your money, home, liberty, kids and claims with the 'flick of a pen' and a pre-arranged 'back-room fix' - enough already!!! What happened to honor?

What happens with these rogue judges and some crooked lawyers who bribe and cheat is kind of like putting a hungry kid alone in a candy store chock full of chocolates and other 'goodies' and telling the kid 'don't eat anything'. If you 'believe' the kid won't eat then tonight, wait-up for the 'good fairy.'

And don't be fooled - these rogue judges are brazen because of $$$$$$$$.

They will lie, cheat, rewrite the law and much of the time get away with their corruption, collusion, fixes and crimes as the courthouse-system will protect them and cover-up the fix--not much different than the Cosa Nostra - aka 'mafia'.

It's a black-robes 'society' in the gray caverns of 'the big-rancid apple,' NYC. Remember Boss Tweed - and if you don't remember, Google him and Carmine Desapeo and you will get the picture. Sadly, corruption is alive and flourishing in the NY courthouse and it must be stopped.

And also recall the apple and Adam and Eve - these rogue judges engaged in misconduct are bad-apples in a barrel where there are honorable and decent judges who are tempted towards corruption because, as the famed bank robber Willy Sutton said when asked 'why do you rob banks?' His answer - 'that's where the money is'

The New York Times - How Judges Hide from Justice

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