Federal Court Judge John Gleason
Federal Court Judge John Gleason, Eastern District/Brooklyn, states with disgust in part:

“Local Party Leaders control the Judicial Selection process”

Judge Gleason further blasted the process as: “An opaque, undemocratic selection process.”

In the spring, as the birdies sing, a supposed Brooklyn and New York Political Party Screening Committee reviews, calculates, and recommends those it deems “qualified” to don the cherished ‘Black Robes’ and to then sit in justice of all us minions. Unfortunately, these “candidates” are hand picked not by their merits and

Boss Tweed
qualifications, but with great thought and consideration by the cigar chomping Old-Boys in the Back Rooms. The selected “elite” are of course pre-screened SECRETLY by this Old-Boys supposed Panel. To be sure, the Panel has been accused of cronyism and playing favorites. In fact Judge Gleason wrote that the supposed Screening Panel in the 2nd Department (Brooklyn) is nothing less than “Farcical”. You will be shocked at the lack of credentials or qualifications of many of the chosen “candidates”. It seems that in the State of New York---It’s not what you know-- it’s who you know.

Interestingly, one of the Judges approved by this process in September 2007, includes Paul Wooten who, according to the paper trail, was urged by Democratic Party Chairman and Assemblyman Clarence Norman to withdraw from the race for District Attorney and take a stab at being a Supreme Court Justice. Paul Wooten was an active and qualified Brooklyn Lawyer. The

Carmine DeSapio
question that is being asked is: Did Wooten make a deal to withdraw from the candidacy as District Attorney in exchange for ‘consideration’ by the ‘Pre Screening Committee’. Wooten says no to these inquiries. Mr. Wooten claims that among other things he ran out of ‘moola’. In any event, Mr. Wooten is now a Supreme Court Judge, snug in his Chambers in the Louis Lefkowitz, New York 80 Centre Street Courthouse Building. If you don’t recall, Louie Lefkowitz was the former NY State Attorney General and infamous “liquor lawyer” and pal of jailed Republican State Chairman L. Judson Morehouse, Marty Epstein (disgraced NY State Liquor Authority Chairman); as well as close ‘chum and advisor’ to New York Boss/fixer Carmine DeSapio, and Brooklyn Boss/fixer John R. Crews. It’s a small, small world-- isn’t it?

NY State Senator John Sampson
Well, we now hear that the FBI is involved and one of their many interests is if Wooten’s withdrawal as a candidate for DA was in any way connected with whispered plans to tamper with criminal trials, including those of Norman and Feldman. Then of course, where is New York State Senator John Sampson? Seems he might be in some “sticky glue”. If you are interested in Brooklyn Corruption and Old Boys and their Judicial “antics”, please take a look at bio of Jim Couri and Archives Scamraiders Articles on Courthouse corruption, Judicial selections, etc. Also you may want to view Scamraiders Youtube Network and Jim Couri videos regarding these issues. Scamraiders is seeking to uncover further details in connection with this matter, and any possible ‘hanky-panky’ by George Pavia Esq., Joe Burke Esq., and others of their crew in acts of cronyism and corruption. Stay tuned.

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