Federal Trade Comission: ID Theft and impostor scams among top consumer complaints in 2010

The FTC says identity theft was their number one complaint last year, logging a record number of people saying personal information had been stolen and used to spoof their identity.

19% of the 1.3 million compaints received by the FTC in 2010 (250,854 to be exact) were related to identity theft -- the 11th year in a row the govenment says ID theft complaints have topped the list.

From the LA Times:

Here's the top 10 most complained-about consumer issues for 2010, from the FTC:

Category No. of complaints Percentage
1 Identity Theft
2 Debt Collection
144,159 11%
3 Internet Services
4 Prizes, Sweepstakes and Lotteries
64,085 5%
5 Shop-at-Home and Catalog Sales
60,205 4%
6 Impostor Scams
60,158 4%
Internet Auctions
56,107 4%
Foreign Money/Counterfeit Check Scams 43,866 3%
9 Telephone and Mobile Services 37,388 3%
10 Credit Cards
33,258 2

The FTC has also released a new guide, titled "Spotting an Imposter," advising consumers of the many unscrupulous ways theives can deceive. They are also encouraging people to like the FTC on Facebook and follow their Twitter feed.

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