FedEx cares? That's what they say . . .

 - FedEx stresses 'corporate responsibility' . . . why do they pass the buck, employing abusive,nasty and deceptive 'risk-management' staff who, based on case histories, secrete and cover-up the facts of unfit/unsafe and negligent circumstances at facilities with the name 'FedEx'

Take a look at the FedEx office PR internet program - a far cry from the horror stories of case histories involving FedEx and unsavory owners and slickster insurance companies, all trying to cover-up negligence, liability and unsafe conditions at the shop you the consumer must be safe and secure in

Please see exhibit of FedEx Office on Scamraiders' homepage on 3-22-11.

Shame on you FedEx - we the consumer expect more from you, not just 'lip-service'

Memo to Scamraiders users, members and customers of FedEx Office: let Scamraiders know about your experiences with FedEx Office - aka FedEx-Kinkos - email your experiences (good bad or ugly) to our operations department:

We are receiving some very interesting, bizarre, and horror stories which we will verify and confirm, and if true and accurate, we will share and report these abuses or accolades for our users to look out for.

Our goal is to 'help victims to help themselves.'

Also, please be careful of FedEx Office unsavory landlords and their slickster insurance company 'adjusters' who sadly lie and scheme to cover-up fraud, negligence, evidence and facts of unfit/unsafe conditions at their insured's stores. Seems that all these landlords want is their rent, safety 'be damned' and stuff-it to the customer.

See attached here a blog re FedEx Office customer abuses, injuries and negligence.

FedEx, you are not being fair to your faithful and innocent patrons!



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