FedEx on the move, The Squeaky Wheel reports case history as to how FedEx will con and slander innocent consumers

Scamraiders will post this egregious case history of how a powerful international company will because of incompetence and a willingness to coverup negligence target and abuse customers.

Does Fred Smith, FedEx CEO, know about some of the bad-eggs and rogues working for the company Mr Smith built? If not he will soon be fully informed as to the scallywags in the FedEx midst.

Scamraiders will be posting a series of exposes, articles, proofs, photos,etc, as to the curious and despicable acts of FedEx management regarding the unfit and unsafe conditions at FedEx office facilities and the scam to pass the buck and coverup improper safety and systematic abuse of victims of the FedEx and their affiliates and 'landlords' of the FedEx office buildings and the negligence and coverup of unfit conditions, threats and abusive conduct

Take a look at The Squeaky Wheel at the end of this report on the Scamraiders homepage on Mar.21, 2011

The Squeaky Wheel

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