John Siebert, MD
George Pavia Esq. (Pavia), Kenneth Gomez Esq. (Gomez), John Siebert MD (Siebert), Joe Burke Esq. - Russo Burke (Burke) finance and create a foiled forgery and fraud on the Internet and again plot to defraud Google and YouTube. Scamraiders and Jim Couri Network have diligently, with proof, reported on and exposed these persons’ corruption, tax evasion, perjury, tampering, and probable bribery of Unified Court Referees, Judges, the Appellate Division 1st Department and others. George Pavia’s Mafia affiliations, offshore tax havens, thefts with jailbird Ted Kohl, have also been exposed. We have revealed not only these culprits’ financial frauds, but also the sexcapades and the abuse of patients perpetrated Dr. John Siebert. We also have reported on the recent termination by the Langone NYU Medical Center of Dr. Siebert for his sexual and other abuses of innocent Patients.

George Pavia, Esq.
Because these criminals are being exposed, they have attempted to malign Scamraiders and have ganged-up on our Founder Jim Couri, engaging in harassment, extortion and threats. They have filed forged, doctored and phony claims with Google and others solely to extort, harass and embarrass Jim and Scamraiders. Each time these crooks have been exposed. Gomez, fronting for this gang, created a Blog months ago with the sole intent to maliciously interfere with and malign Scamraiders and Jim. The Gomez Blog fell flat and recruited no one to join Gomez’s false rantings on his lone soapbox. Gomez’s theme was “lets get Jim Couri -- join in”. For six months Gomez viciously pounded away without any results. Gomez concocted twisted stories involving Jim’s family with phony documents and willful lies.

Joe Burke, Esq.
Part of this gang of desperado’s campaign has been to fabricate despicable deceptions about Jim’s background, falsely claiming that Jim was banned from Securities business---this is an outright lie. Jim was a key Government witness in two major Securities trials and was applauded by the US Attorney’s Office for his “great value to law enforcement”. Jim is banned from nothing in the Securities Business and has an impeccable record since 1975. Jim does not have any ‘felony convictions’ as Gomez falsely describes. The fact is Jim in 1980, entered into a‘ Plea Information’ as part of a agreement to provide his expert testimony in connection with a Securities Case in the Federal Court SDNY. It seems that Gomez without this enterprise of Pavia/Siebert/Burke would have no other livelihood. Jim has an impeccable record and has been active in business for over 50 years.


Kenneth Gomez, Esq
Money hungry Gomez with Pavia, Siebert and Burke’s endorsement and finance created another, last gasp scam. A deceitful manipulation of Jim’s image (photo) in an “Avatar” type forgery of Jim on the Internet and YouTube. Well, the forgery of Jim’s image and words/voice was out for only a few hours until Scamraiders Operations learned of this forgery being made public illegally. The matter was reported to the appropriate authorities, Google and YouTube; and within minutes it was removed. This scam will not end here. The creator and Sponsors of a forged image uttering falsehoods to shroud a criminal enterprise not only carries drastic Civil damages, but is criminal. It is no different than forging a check or someone’s signature on a document. This conduct is an extension of a RICO conspiracy, and criminal fraud.

Scamraiders advises these crooks---PAVIA, SIEBERT, BURKE, & GOMEZ, ET-AL--- that your days of extortion, bribery, perjury, tax evasion and threats are over--- all of you will be held accountable for your crimes, all of them.

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