A television Network recently outlined a financial Guide we felt was worth noting. So, here are some excerpts of the report that are important points we should all remember:

1. “Betting the farm”--Never leave yourself without emergency cash reserves---ever.

2. “Playing the Options/Margin game”-- At times the Stock Market is not much safer than a casino unless you buy for cash solid companies with good prospects, good management and potential earnings power. “If you play with fire, you can get burned” --- playing the options game or buying securities on margin can wipe out your money quickly. Please be vigilant.

3. “Buying the Brooklyn Bridge”---There is no such thing as a sure investment. Never get greedy in any financial activity.

4. “Trust us, just sign” --- Always read the fine print in any and all contracts, loan agreements and mortgages BEFORE you put your signature to them. Hindsight is a very expensive game, and is not 20/20 vision.

There are no free anythings---so be careful, be prudent and be wise. For financial advice seek out a competent advisor at a well-known investment bank. The foregoing outline is for informational purposes and is not intended to provide financial advice. As always and at any time---IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS!!!

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