Full expose coming soon on the activities, background, extortion, harassment, collusion, bribery, forgery and perjury involving Kenneth V. Gomez and his outlaw, sex vulture associates

Scamraiders announces a full expose of trickster-liar-pimp Kenneth V. Gomez and his years of extortion, harassment, larceny, bullying of litigants and involvements with criminals who along with Gomez have engaged in perjury, tax evasion forgery, extortion, bribery, thefts of medicare funds and acting as a 'bag-man' for George and Antonia Pavia, John Siebert and Russo and Burke. Gomez is a well document thug, bully and sociopath robbing litigants by corruption, tampering and collusion and fraud, so stay tuned to Scamraiders for the unmasking of a lying and corrupt pimp-desperado lawyer who is a broke dead-beat bad-egg desperate for a pay-day at any ones expense and who has the integrity of a cobra. This pimp has even harassed and extorted some of Siebert's sex victims to try and cover up Siebert's sex crimes. Gomez is a charlatan and a carpet-bagger.

See Scamraiders for more data and further proof of Gomez's abuses and criminal activities.

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