George & Antonia Pavia thumb their nose at the NYC Department of Buildings they have four or more outstanding hazardous violations not paid or resolved regarding 18 East 73 St, NYC

The Pavias live violating the law. The NYC DOB issued multiple violations re hazardous greenhouse in Jim's apartment at 18 E 73 St, NYC. Madden precluded all of these violations. As yet, these violations are still open and the hazards yet unresolved.

It seems to pay being a crook & bribing of courts.

Here are the violations still open for this 'elitist" concerning Jim Couri's greenhouse that Pavia stole, as part of his 'hocus-pocus' with Judge Madden:

Still open after hearings are unpaid ECB violations, with the following findings.

1. Failure to comply with the commissioner's order to correct the violating condition and file a correct certificate of correction with the New York City Dept of Buildings, re: the greenhouse in Jim's apartment.


2) Failure to comply with prevention of exterior fire spread, third story rear extension greenhouse with no self-supporting exterior wall.


3) Filing a false certificate of correction with the New York City Dept of Buildings.

4) Failure to maintain building exterior - missing bricks, loose bricks above glass greenhouse - danger.

All of the violations are marked hazardous and significant penalties are yet unpaid. Go get 'em, George and Antonia! You're better hustlers than Bonnie and Clyde.

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