George and Antonia Pavia along with co-conspirators, sell Antonia's parents 15 East 77 St property that they converted for themselves without consideration and without paying gift taxes

Here comes the criminal division of the IRS and New York State tax departments

On or about Aug 2010 Makrian properties paid the Pavias $8million for 15 east 77th street NYC. Corkscrew George, during prior years 2005-2008 converted small percents of this property to himself his wife Antonia, his kids Julian, Philippa, and the Eichenwalds and the Boswalls, all without any consideration to Nanina Pearse, who was senile and Antonia's mother. The day of reckoning is coming as the sham conversion was reported to the IRS by tax lawyers Kostilantsz and Fink Esqs in NYC. Now tax dodgers, the Pavias, who are allied with jail-bird tax swindler Ted Kohl, will have to file returns for Janina Pearse and her 'estate'. George and Antonia Pavia are known perjurers, tax crooks as in 1978, Mr and Mrs Pearse gave to Antonia and George 18 east 77th street without paying any gift tax, yet again. Scamraiders has published the scam tax swindle that George Pavia orchestrated with the law office of Pavia and Harcourt Esqs. These Pavia et al tax swindlers filed with the NY property and deed etc. Showing how George conspired to and up to now did screw the NY state and federal tax departments and ended up with a $8million property without any consideration.

The Pavias and their adult children, the Eichenwalds and the Boswalls are part of and involved in a planned-out railroading of the IRS, NY state and Mrs. Pearse for their corrupt and criminal enrichment. It is unfortunate that the buyer Makrian properties and their broker key ventures and Larry Kaiser have been taken in by the Pavias and Corrine Pulitzer, who has been a ally of the mob-front Pavias for years.

Please see Scamraiders for more evidence of the Pavias tax swindles, bribery, perjury, forgery and corrupt acts and their involvements with mob front ted kohl who is in prison for extortion, money laundering, tax evasion and corruption -THE TAX DEPARTMENTS WILL BE WAITING FOR THE TAX RETURNS RELATING TO THIS CURRENT TAX SWINDLERS GEORGE AND ANTONIA PAVIA SCAM. SEE SCAMRAIDERS FOR MORE ON THE PAVIA STICK-UP'S AND ACTS OF CORRUPTION.


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