George and Antonia Pavia have engaged in RICO corruption

George Pavia, Esq and Antonia Pavia, his wife, have engaged in RICO corruption and will be eventually forced to pay all damages times three. The Pavia's are a couple of self-styled, phony elitists who, in fact, are no better than a couple of grifters swindling for illegal pay-days.

They robbed the IRS, their senile in-laws and dozens of victim tenants in the Pavia brownstone by rooking rent stabilization via fraud, perjury and corruption and forgery - all documented and recited in the legit ECB court and DHCR records the art of deception, concealment and obstructing justice so that they obtained by corruption bribery and extortion ill-gotten gains---manipulating a malleable court and judge. The Pavias misused the courts to railroad the DHCR, Jim Couri, the ECB Couri, the department of buildings and the unified court. The day of reckoning for the Pavia's thefts and collusion, manipulation of the laws and rent stabilization Scamraiders believes will result in a full exposure and 'denuding' of the Pavia's railroading via tampering, collusion and fraud. George and Antonia Pavia have, for unjust gains engaged in violations of the U.S. Constitution and the rules of law. More proofs of the Pavia's cronyism and fraud are coming out of the woodwork daily. George M. Pavia and Antonia, it will soon be time for you to answer for your thefts, perjury and tampering - and disgorgement of your ill-gotten gains—

Stay tuned to Scamraiders

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