George and Antonia Pavia's theft of 15 E 77th Street now offered for sale for $9.5 million, using courthouse and tax scams and their pal/real estate broke Corinne Pulitzer

The Pavias stole 15 E 77th St, paid no gift tax, set up a front faux-art painting school and it fizzled. The building dept and other agencies are after the Pavias for their frauds and tax scams.

Now, con-man George and Antonia recruit Corinne Pulitzer, a old-time ally of the Pavias, who lied for the Pavias before the Madden court. Pulitzer is now supposed to sell the 15 East 77 St building that the Pavias swindled from the Pierces and the IRS/gift-tax department for $9,500,000 - a hunk of stolen 'moola'.

Corinne gets a pay-back for her perjury, helping the Pavias out of rent stabilization secured by Jim Couri. Does Pulitzer's employer know the background of swindlers Pavia & this 77th Street building and that the U.S. Government is entitled to gift tax interest and big penalties?

Any dope who buys this building is getting into bed with the crooks, known as Pavia, aided by Pulitzer. They'd better check out how the Pavia's became the owners of this property and how they swindled the Pierces, former owners/& in-laws and how the Pavias paid zero and swindled the federal and state tax collector.

This current con-game can land George & Antonia Pavia in jail, possibly along with co-conspirator Ms. Pulitzer.

Courtesy Jim Couri Network

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