George M. Pavia, desperate that his bribery with bag-man Kenneth Gomez will soon be exposed, is getting more desperate and extortion-monger Gomez is going into deep water with lies fraud and threats

Lawyer George Pavia
Pavia was found to be a perjurer by the NYC Department of Buildings and the NYC ECB Court. Antonia and George were found to have filed false certificate of corrections re: 18 E. 73 St, NYC and Jim Couri's apartment and greenhouse.

JSC Madden, bribed by Pavia, precluded from her kangaroo court the truth - yet the violations (over five against the Pavias) and the fines assessed are still unresolved and unpaid. The Pavias have robbed the judicial system and they will be 100% exposed as corrupters of courts and judges for their criminal agenda.

The Pavias are thieves who have threatened Jim and who have hired thug Gomez to lie and cheat on the internet. Pavia will soon find out that his 'gig is up' and he will be fully exposed, along with hi wife Antonia, as the crooks they really are.

Everything they do is a phony deal - phony home, phony school at 15 E 77th St., where the Pavias stole from their in-laws. Except a brownstone ain't a school - the Pavia front-school is illegal, just as is 18 E. 73 St, NYC.

The Pavias are a couple of phoney liars and frauds, extorting Jim Couri. See Scamraiders and $10,000.00 reward.

Courtesy Jim Couri Network

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