George M. Pavia, Dr John Siebert and Joseph M.Burke, individually and in concert with Kenneth V. Gomez engage in internet fraud, forgery, harassment, malfeasance, and extortion

Kenneth Gomez, the front for his criminal enterprise orchestrated by Pavia, Siebert and Burke has, for over a year, engaged in rampant malicious acts in order to thwart freedom of speech, press and the documented exposes published on Scamraiders sites exposing the Rico crimes, extortion, tax evasion, bribery, tampering and forgery perpetuated by Siebert, Gomez, Pavia and Burke.

Gomez became a member of Scamraiders in or about July 2009. Thereafter Gomez, fronting for his gang opened a blog and began posting and proffering lies and writing emails to dozens of Scamraiders, associated in order to create smokescreens to cover up the crimes these thugs have been involved. Gomez under the direction of Pavia, Burke and Siebert, also orchestrated a scheme to defraud Google, Yahoo, Bing and others and impede the conduct of Scamraiders sites and reports.

Gomez, in concert with Burke, Pavia, and Siebert, forged documents and submitted them to Google and even forged the image and voice of Jim Couri and until caught, defrauded Google with the bogus and forged mini video, they were forced to remove the fraud. Then Gomez/Pavia falsely identified himself as a creator of a German video, trying to get that video removed, they were foiled again. Next Gomez, fronting for his Rico gang, harasses and extorted KESQ/ABC and Gannett newspapers, and many other internet sites with abusive, false and reckless and threatening emails slandering Scamraiders and Jim Couri who is terminally ill. Then Gomez began to bribe Jim's brother and extort Robert Kurzman to concoct more material to slander Jim and Scamraiders. Gomez by fraud, perjury and tampering stole over $200,000 in liened Medicare funds for his, Pavia, Siebert, Burke's personal use, defrauding Medicare.

All the while, Gomez was a member of Scamraiders and a active user of Scamraiders sites, as are Siebert, Pavia and Burke. Finally Scamraiders blocked Gomez from membership, but the gang continues to visit Scamraiders sites more than 5-10 times daily.

Scamraiders' 'terms of use' and 'mission statement' are specific as to the use of the sites and jurisdiction in the event of litigation etc. Gomez has engaged in a plethora of acts of collusion and corruption as a front of his gang.

Here is how these thugs operate:

They use Scamraiders to interfere and damage our sites by playing 'musical-chairs' with their domains and IP addresses.

Burke, Russo-Burke, IP#, user for months then they go underground and change to Covad, IP#69.336.38 on the sites 10-15 times a day.

Siebert, TDS Telecom IP# on the sites 10- 20 times or more a day.

Gomez, Verizon IP#, changed to # and #, 15-20 times a day.

Pavia IP#, frequent visits

Scamraiders has IP lists of Pavia Harcourt Esqs, NYC, Kimberly Siebert, Baraboo Wisconsin, John Siebert in New York and many other of these thugs affiliates, all daily visits and all monitored legally and by Google and other internet services for Scamraiders sites.

It is of course very clear that these charlatans main agenda is and has been to gag and deprive the free and documented reporting of corruption and crimes -all undenied by any of these thugs- they have by fraud and perjury engaged in a scheme to circumvent the terms of use as published on Scamraiders and have by perjury tried to rope Scamraiders into the Couri v Siebert case in NYC courts.

As can be seen, the Gomez charade of deception fronting for his scoundrel pals is another rouse at railroading. All of these crooks, Siebert, Pavia, Gomez and Burke are and have been active users of the Scamraiders sites and thus all bound to the published and agreed-to jurisdiction of the federal court in Riverside, California.

Meanwhile, Gomez continues to extort Scamraiders as lawyer and front for Pavia and Siebert and partner of Joe Burke, Scamraiders has received reports from Siebert victims that Gomez and Siebert have threatened, extorted and attempted to bribe and gag these victims from disclosing, reporting and testifying as to the Siebert sex rapes, narcotics abuse, pedophilia, thefts and extortion these victims have experienced by acts as reported of Siebert, Burke and Gomez .

These bullies are also harassing Jim's doctors by phony calls and harassment of Jim's hospital stays as part of their scheme to whitewash the documented and undenied crimes and frauds Scamraiders has reported and documented.

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