George Pavia and wife Antonia living off other people’s money and ill-gotten gains while fashioning themselves as 'elitists'--Scamraiders has opened the Pavia 'can-of-worms' for all to see

Corkscrew George Pavia and his wife have made a career of fleecing others to sustain their lifestyle. They have rooked many for decades--their victims are and have been---George’s first wife Elena; Antonia’s parents the Pierces; the Internal Revenue Service and NY state taxation, evading gift and income taxes, defrauding the NY DHCR, NY Dept of Buildings, ECB courts, filing perjured documents, alliances with criminals - including recruiting jail-bird Ted Kohl to file serial and false affidavits with DHCR and courts - barter deals with Herbert Construction to renovate Pavia's apartment at 18 E. 73 St, NYC, without tax consequences or without permits, constructing hazardous and illegal structures at 18 E 73 and filing false correction certificates lying as to non-existent corrections, operating an illegal school at 77th St, NYC, without the proper certificate of occupancy and without fire permits, tampering with court officials and judges in the Unified Courts, corrupting lawyers, and engaging in bribery, and extortion to cover-up the collusion, etc, robbing Medicare funds subject to Medicare liens, threats of extortion, harassment, thefts of rent stabilization by collusion, corruption and obstruction of justice, assaults.

The facts are that the corrupt Pavias have been living off ill-gotten gains for decades - the rent stabilized premises that they stole from tenants they rent to and live in they were given this building from Antonia’s parents, the Pierces - then George and Antonia robbed the pierces home on East 77th Street, NYC.

George systematically converted the property to himself, Antonia and others without adequate compensation to the elderly and senile Pierces and without gift tax paid on either the 73rd St or the 77th St buildings. The Pierces are now dead and the Pavias sold the pierce property for $8mil recently.
These Pavias are no less outlaws than Al Capone. George Pavia has been fronting for mob characters for years, including tax evader and money launderer Ted Kohl.

Please see Scamraiders articles below for more on the undenied and documented Pavias corruption-----

“RIG-AROUND-THE-ROSIE” --- the Judge Joan Madden toe dance with Geo...

Scamraiders has presented detailed facts regarding George Pavia and his cohorts’ compromising of JSC Joan Madden (Judge in the Unified Court System, New York City) in previous articles: “Welcome to the Third Floor” and “The Judge Joan Madden Cramdown”, see Scamraiders’ Archives for this and more.


The Honorable Justice Joan A. Madden

Over the past number of months Scamraiders Staff has reviewed the Court file involving our Founder Jim Couri and Lawyer/Landlord George and Antonia Pavia’s Cases before Judge Joan Madden. These Cases were started by the Pavias in 2002 as a decoy solely to recapture Rent Stabilization for the Pavias’ 18 E. 73rd Street NYC building. Jim secured Rent Stabilization for his apartment and the entire building in 2001 through the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) in New York City. The designation of Stabilization Status of the Pavias’ residential building diminished the market value of their premises by about $10 million. Once a property is deemed Stabilized, the owner/landlord cannot remove those tenants for any reason, except non-payment of rent or nuisance (see Nuisance Statute).


John W. Siebert, M.D.
Joseph M. Burke, Esq.

Scamraiders continues to carefully review the court files pertaining to our Founder Jim Couri’s court case involving landlords George and Antonia Pavia and Jim’s rent stabilized apartment at 18 E. 73rd Street, New York City. Scamraiders has written a number of articles exposing the activities of the Pavias,

George Pavia, Esq.
Joan Madden

JSC Madden and others regarding the litigation, including all related activities before the Environmental Control Board Court, (ECB), NYC Department of Buildings, (DOB), Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR), and the New York Criminal Court.

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