George Pavia, Esq, a documented and proven perjurer, extortionist and thief

Gorge Pavia, Esq, a documented and proven perjurer, extortionist and thief-- recruits Kenneth V Gomez Esq, the bag-man / money launderer and in concert with a corrupt set-up steals leaned Medicare funds for their own use and in the process circumvent a legitimate secured creditor with the help of the Pavia corruption scams in the unified courthouse in NYC.

George Pavia Esq is a now well documented and declared by the ECB courts and others as a perjurer, a forger, a judgment debtor, a tax thief and a briber. George and Antonia Pavia conspired with Kenneth v Gomez Esq to manipulate and corrupt and pollute JSC Joan Madden and her courtroom into fulfilling back-room cronyism and courthouse frauds and suppression of evidence in order to rob Jim Couri's home and rent stabilized rights through criminality, conspiracy, and violations of the us constitution in a RICO scam orchestrated by George and Antonia Pavia and implemented by courthouse minions and bag-man Kenneth V Gomez Esq-----proof of the railroading is the clear and convincing pattern of Maddens 'M.O.' and illogical and farcical decisions and her transparent and spiteful meddling---facts and proof of manipulation of laws don’t lie------Madden is being exposed as a Pavia  puppet allowing the theft by the Pavias and others of money and property rights through fraud, collusion and abuse of the judiciary. They engaged in cronyism, back room ambushes and perjury to steal a pro-se and senior citizen's home a man who was severely ill and who a corrupt Judge Joan Madden targeted and spitefully and with intentional malice and greed contaminated other of her 'pals' at the unified corrupt-house to deprive Jim of his rights and claims and moneys. One only need to scrutinize the illogical and pattern of decisions rendered  in relation to the documentary evidence and the statutes and case law and one will see the railroading and gang up of a very corrupt scheme to rob a honest person who possesses unconditional agreements, notes, general releases, a properly secured rent stabilized home, $230,000.00 in claims for misdiagnosed cancer and an injunction restricting John Siebert, M.D. and his corrupt lawyers from access to the court without compliance.

With the Pavia bribery-machine in place judges, referees and others allied with JSC Madden misused their positions to systematically target Jim Couri's honest attempts at securing his home, money and rights under the us constitution. The result the theft by corruption of Jim’s home $20million in unconditional claims against disgraced perjurer and sex rapist Dr. John Siebert, $230,000.00 in settlements of a malpractice claim that was stolen by Pavia, Gomez, Joseph M. Burke and Siebert collusion, and the pattern of tampering and obvious corruption in the absurd and inconsistent decisions issued by referees and judges------money that was also subject to secured creditor liens and to Medicare liens---

In the cesspool of the Unified Courthouse in NYC none of the rules of law matter when a 'fix' is in these black robed bandits thumb their nose at the laws for a clandestine pay-day--------sad---yes----true? You better believe it------corrupt courts in NY are rampant and the honest judges are frustrated and abused-------it is time to expose the corrupt lawyers like mob front Pavia who has contaminated the system for his and his wife and children's illegal rewards-----Scams Inc/Scamraiders are dedicated to exposing the Pavias and their corruption scams for all to see world-wide------

If anyone thinks these charges are 'sour-grapes' please look at the pattern of illegal decisions made all in violation of an injunction and others made in violation of statutes, the uniform commercial code and the rules of law----some in violation of federal law involving misuse of the internet to commit fraud and tampering and misuse of interstate phone lines to commit fraud------these acts are acts of judges and referees who have turned a blind-eye to obvious corruption, perjury, thefts of Medicare funds, and rampant violations of an injunction by 4 judges, 4 referees and by the appellate division--

George Pavia may have stolen rent stabilization for his 18 East 73rd Street, NYC property but the trail of criminality, bribery, collusion, corruption will eventually land George Pavia, his corrupt lying wife Antonia and his thug conspirators John Siebert, Kenneth V Gomez, Russo and Burke, Esq and Joseph M Burke and the many that have been bribed and corrupted in the tar-pit they belong ----

Scams Inc and Scamraiders investigators are putting the 'grand-theft' orchestrated by fascist-mob-front Pavia and sociopath sex vulture John Siebert carefully together with more evidence and informants coming forward-----stay tuned-----

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