Pavia and Gomez, Unmasked
Every lawyer is bound to abide by the Law and the Professional Disciplinary Rules. Lawyers are not supposed to harass, threaten, extort, and abuse. Kenneth Gomez Esq. claims to be a lawyer. How and where he obtained his legal license is murky. The college and law school he reports that he attended have no record of his being there. In fact, and the record confirms, everything Gomez utters is either partial truth, or mostly outright lies.

It is not surprising that George Pavia Esq. and John Siebert MD have hired this snake-oil merchant and carpet-bagger Gomez to harass and injure Scamraiders and Jim Couri. After all, Jim and Scamraiders have exposed both Pavia and Siebert’s tax scams, perjuries, obstructions of justice, as well as their repeated abuses and corruption of the law and Professional Disciplinary Rules. As reported by Scamraiders, Gomez, in about August 2009, at the behest of charlatans Pavia and Siebert, launched a reckless bandwagon blog solely to create smokescreens in order to shroud and avenge the documented reporting by Scamraiders of Pavia/Siebert’s bribery, corruption, and ‘raping’ of others. Gomez, as part of his self styled crusade, has gone into the deep water, falsifying documents and facts, while maliciously interfering into Jim Couri’s and Scamraiders’ activities.

Finally, disgusted, Jim filed a detailed Complaint against Gomez, accompanied with a plethora of proofs of Gomez’s extortion and rampant violations of Professional Disciplinary Rules. However, it has now come to our attention, after over six weeks of silence from the Disciplinary Committee in New York, that Pavia, Gomez, and others may have ‘behind the scenes’ meddled with the launching of the Inquiry in an attempt to obstruct justice. The Appellate 1st Department has itself been under a microscope, fending allegations of corruption and worse. Please see Jim’s Open Letter to the Appellate Division published a few months ago.

There is no question that the documentary evidence proves Gomez’s illegal acts of corruption---extortion, fraud, and willful interference into Jim’s activities and healthcare. Jim was compelled to enter UCLA Hospital under an assumed name for major surgery in December, 2009 because of Gomez’s threats and abuses. Gomez’s memorialized and undenied activities are sufficient to mandate Disbarment and probable referral for criminal prosecution. Undaunted, Gomez (Pavia/Siebert) continues his extortion and harassment posting lies and recklessly interfering into Scamraiders’ reporting and affiliations.

NY Supreme Court
If Gomez were a legitimate lawyer, he would not be posting vicious lies and bogus claims about Jim and Scamraiders, rather he would retain a lawyer and file a lawsuit, pursuant to Scamraiders ‘Terms of Use’ in California, and via legitimate Courts, to try and prove Scamraiders published ‘false’ data about him and his cohorts. Further, anyone Scamraiders writes about can file any Comment for posting on the Site. Instead Gomez (Pavia/Siebert) choose to engage in yet more and further crimes and corruption by detouring an Investigation into their violations of Disciplinary Rules and the law.

As a matter of Law, in view of Gomez, Pavia, and Siebert’s repeated failure to respond and DENY the specific and detailed charges and allegations Scamraiders and Jim have Reported, it is implicit by virtue of such silence that Gomez, Pavia and Siebert et-al have admitted to all of the charges as published by Scamraiders and Jim.

Appellate Division, 1st Dept NYC
Moreover, it is sad but true that the 1st Department Disciplinary Committee has had its problems with internal corruption. See Judge Murphy Report from the New York Law Journal, which in detail reveals a fragile system. Hopefully, the Disciplinary Committee will carefully review the Complaint Jim has filed and the evidence of Gomez-Pavia et al’s corruption, for a full Inquiry. We live in hope, as the Judiciary cannot be manipulated to put favored others interests first, at the expense of the public at large. Pavia and Gomez are here again trying to stack the deck in an already suspect ‘casino’ in order to continue their swindles and corruption for unjust gains and extortion.

Summarily, in view of the continued reckless acts and outright lies engaged in by Gomez, all of which Scamraiders and Jim have repeatedly and in detail denied, Scamraiders has decided to no longer waste time directly replying to the Gomez rehash and his bogus internet rants, and deceptions. We will leave that to others. Scamraiders will continue, of course, to investigate and report on the corruption, fraud, and obstruction of justice, perpetuated by George Pavia Esq, John Siebert MD, Kenneth Gomez Esq, and lawyer Joe Burke.

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