George Pavia Esq. and Pavia Harcourt, cozy with Florida developers accused of tax cheating, forgery, manipulation, and a web of lies, sound very much like George Pavia's activities ongoing for years

George Pavia Esq. and Pavia and Harcourt ‘represented Mauricio Cohen Assor and his son Leon Cohen Levy.’ Pavia (we have learned) testified in a federal criminal trial in Florida where the father-son developers are charged with tax evasion, off shore tax scams, forged documents, cheating and manipulation and more. The case, USA  v Assor 10cr/60159 usdc-sd fla (Ft Lauderdale). These defendants have now been convicted.

Mauricio Cohen Assor
"Corkscrew" George Pavia
George Pavia claims, under oath, that he represented Assor first 'for a while' and then (lo-and behold) surfaced again to supposedly represent a buyer of the Assor hotel property. Wow, wow, wow! Cozy or a conflict or not, clever corkscrew George may be at it all over again. His typical lying-schemes of ‘good-guy-bad guy' routine, a-la jail bird tax swindler/perjurer Ted Kohl and many more. Scamraiders has assembled a plethora of proof of George Pavia is and has been a fascist, a mob-front and involved in years of activities involving tax evasion, a cheater and money-launderer, front and pal of/jail-bird Ted Kohl and covering up a trail of documentary evidence of George Pavia's tax evasion scams, off shore enterprises, as uncovered by Scamraiders investigators and by investigators Shafir-Rosetti. Scamraiders has produced evidence of Pavia's bribery, tampering, assault threats, extortion and forgery of New York building certificates of corrections, ECB court findings that George Pavia is a perjurer and a forger; fines for filing a forged and phony documents at ECB court in NYC and we have produced proof of Pavia's obstruction of justice, bribery frauds and thefts of his in-laws (the Pierces), East 77th St. NYC property without gift tax payments or legit payments at all.

Scamraiders is now curious and wondering if the federal prosecutors in the Assor case are or were aware of or were informed of corkscrew George Pavia and his illegal, corrupt and unsavory affiliations, tax evasion and money-laundering affiliations and the Pavia paper-trail of documented corruption, greed, cheating, perjury, tax evasion, mob connections off shore antics, etc. of corrupt perjurer George Pavia, Esq and his wife Antonia and his associates and to what extent 'George and company' may have been playing 'two-ends-to-the-middle' in these Assor matters and what cleaver George may have been hiding as to his outlaw, railroading and trickster acts of maleficence, as George Pavia is and has been (and we have documented) a tax swindler and evader, a cheater, a forger, a perjurer and a corrupt lawyer and a front for mob-jail-bird Ted Kohl (please refer to Scamraiders archives for more evidence of George Pavia's corruption), as they say once a perjurer always a perjurer and George Pavia has been found to be a perjurer and a forger at NYC ECB court and fined for filing a false NYC building certificate of correction that never occurred. Scamraiders evidence confirms that George Pavia is a corrupt lawyer who also has stolen Medicare funds that were subject to federal Medicare liens as part of a scam orchestrated by George Pavia.

See articles, including from Bloomberg regarding the Assor case, tax scams and phony/corkscrew George Pavia's testimony which will be posted on Scamraiders on 12-20-10 with George Pavia. 'Where there is smoke there is fire', as Scamraiders has opened the Pavia can of worms and his threats, harassment, extortion and recruiting thugs for George's smokescreen and collusion, scams orchestrated by Pavia to protect George's crimes,  ill-gotten gains and tax evasion.



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