George Pavia, Esq. and wife Antonia Pavia can add another bad act to their ever-growing list of frauds

George Pavia, Esq. and wife Antonia Pavia -- two phony social impotents, perjurers and corrupters of courts can add another bad act to their ever-growing list of frauds.

New York City is holding judgments against the Pavias for unpaid fines and assessments filed against them for findings by the New York Department of Buildings and the NYC Environmental Control Board Court where the Pavias were charged by the Dept of Bldgs that their 18 E 73 St. brownstone was found to be hazardous, found that the Pavias filed false certificates of corrections under oath, lying that they cured an illegal greenhouse -- part of Jim Couri's apartment -- and lying that all was repaired.

On re-inspection, more violations were issued by DOB inspectors and tried at ECB Court, where the Pavias were found to be perjurers and that no corrections were ever made. The result -- thousands of dollars imposed on the Pavias in fines and after four years, all are yet unpaid and the hazards not fixed.

Meanwhile, the Joan Madden kangaroo corrupt courtroom precluded all of the DOB and ECB Court proofs while Madden was rewriting the script and manipulating the law to circumvent the facts and the law to fulfill a back-room set up so that the Pavias would rob rent stabilization with the aid of collusion, bribery, and a despicable judge who now is being exposed like peeling an onion.

Scams Inc and Scamraiders are dedicated to their mission statement, as to exposing corrupt courts and all forms of corruption, scams and swindles. Any idiot reading the facts and rulings in the Couri-Pavia and Siebert cases will see the courthouse scams, frauds, tampering, violations co judiciary rules and laws, interstate fraud, and willful violations of an injunction - these are major and corrupt acts which we and Scams Inc investigators will continue to develop and report until justice is served and all culprits denuded and brought to justice.

Meanwhile, the phony $3 bills the Pavias are using NY City funds to stoke their corruption and pay their thugs, Kenneth V Gomez and Joseph M Burke Esqs to extort their victims

Dept of Buildings Violation 


Dept of Buildings Violation2

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