George Pavia Esq. bribing and pulling strings for his corrupt family

George Pavia Esq. bribing and pulling strings for his corrupt family and in his desperation to extort andgag Scamraiders from continuing to expose the Pavia’s life of crime, tax evasion, bribery, criminal affiliations perjury, forgery, fascist activities long ago with the Nazis--- and threats of murder--

We at Scamraiders have been intimidated, extorted attacked and maligned by mob front lawyer George Pavia and his money hungry wife Antonia and his adult son Julian----and thug Kenneth V. Gomez

Julian Pavia---son of George and Antonia said in the New York Times--'were no match for Jim Couri'---------so desperate---cheat George and Antonia knowing that they could not beat Jim in court in a honest litigation and desperate to rob Jim’s rights that he obtained under rent stabilization-----

The Pavia’s simply engaged in bribery of JSC Madden, perjury, forgery, extortion, threats of murder---------well they cheated, engaged in collusion, fraud and crime and now they have been caught-------their whole family have been caught------

And they will pay the consequences times three----RICO and civil rights---------

They all engaged in perjury, bribery of JSC Joan Madden to rob rent laws and stabilization, rob the irs for millions in gift tax when they stole and sold for their own account-----Antonia’s mothers home on 77th street in NYC-------this was another George scheme of systematic theft----

We at Scamraiders will not rest until the Pavia's repay every red cent they have stolen from the tax man, from their RICO crimes and from Jim Couri's stolen home-----

The George Pavia's including Julian and Philipa are all enjoying the criminal rewards of George and Antonia’s thefts and RICO crimes we will be sure that these thieves pay up every cent they have robbed-------

George has led the way in a scheme of interstate threats, extortion and scheme to gag Scamraiders freedom of press/speech and our uncovering George's crimes, bribes, tax evasion, Medicare thefts and criminal connections-----

George has recruited Kenneth V. Gomez and they have threatened Jim Couri, and others and Scamraiders. George told Jim that he was going to have Jim killed in the presence of 4 others-------

George is a mentally deranged thief who thinks he can steal, bribe, threaten and extort and get away with his crimes------

George, Antonia, Julian and other corrupt Pavias will soon be defending a RICO case and be subject to treble damages--------then the Pavia brownstone they stole will be auctioned and these criminal will be either in the street or in jail for bribery, perjury, corruption and a myriad of other RICO charges-----

George Pavia and his family are thieves who have misused the rules of law and used mafia tactics to steal and plunder for illegal and unjust gains------

George has orchestrated the illegal acts of Gomez and others to intimidate and steal from Jim Couri and other victims and to rob Medicare----------George Pavia is a contorted deranged thief and a mob thug with dangerous affiliations----------we at Scamraiders have been intimidated by the Pavia bag-man Kenneth V. Gomez and Jim Couri has been threatened and caused to enter hospitals under assumed names----

Stay tuned for more on the crimes of the Pavia’s and their thug Kenneth V. Gomez and others---------

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