George Pavia Esq, implementing concealment, deception, fraud and tampering bought and compromised JSC Joan Madden

George Pavia Esq, implementing concealment, deception, fraud and tampering bought and compromised JSC Joan Madden who manipulated her decisions in a per-packaged and cleaver scam to make Jim Couri look poorly when all the while Madden was covering up Pavias corruption, perjury, Dept of Buildings and ECB court findings that the Pavias committed perjury and forgery and that the ECB court and 6 DOB inspectors found the Pavia premises to be unfit and hazardous. Then Madden conspired to cover up the legitimate findings by conducting a kangaroo hearing using a stooge from the DOB who never was at the premises and who had no idea that the subject 'greenhouse room' was constructed illegally and without permits. Madden then while railroading Jim Couri ignored Jim's Columbia Presbyterian cardiologists, who demanded that Jim was ill and could not engage in a trial and Madden used Dr. john Siebert's pal, a Dr. Weintraub, who Jim had fired long before to render bogus opinions and then Madden precluded all of Jim's medical records from the trial and precluded all ECB court findings that the Pavias engaged in rampant perjury, and forgery. Then Madden ignoring rent laws and collateral-estoppel, allowed letters that had been decided and ignored by 3 other courts to be introduced and then illegally charged the jury---spiteful Madden then targeted Jim with other unified court judges, referees, and the appellate division------corruption, collusion, tampering and RICO---you better believe it.

JSC Madden was caught with her back-room cronyism antics to aid the Pavias for a corrupt pay-day as Madden manipulated the rules of law and did so for unjust gains---now the puzzle is clear and convincing as there is nothing worse than a judge who misuses the public trust for corruption and the railroading for a crooked lawyer----stay tuned to Scamraiders as our mission is to exhume and denude fraud in the courts---JSC Maddens acts were well planned but none the less corrupt and a prepackaged ambush and railroading which still continues as a rouse to cover up the spite and tampering by a sitting judge---a disgrace yes---deprivation of us constitutional rights. Yes, again---Scamraiders is carefully assembling the Pavia-Madden puzzle for full expose and further action. Stay tuned---
JSC Joan Madden of the NY unified courts is a farcical puppet judge who by her documented abuses, suppression of evidence, malice, tampering and worse is a disgrace to the United States constitution-----

Madden allowed a social indolent, self-styled elitist George Pavia, Esq., a fascist, corrupt lawyer, take her court and run away with it to rob rent stabilization and defraud the rules of law for a pay-day. Corkscrew bribers George and Antonia Pavia were branded as perjurers by the NYC ECB court and ECB court appellate court and by the DHCR, Dept of Bldgs, the criminal court in NYC and by other judges.

George Pavia failed to register his building that he rooked from his in-laws and never paid a red cent for, Jim Couri fought for and gained rent stabilization with the aid of NYC agency the DHCR, later affirmed by the NY app div. And by the ECB courts. Incensed, George embarked on a crusade of corruption, perjury, bribery and extortion all well documented-----
George corrupted Madden to railroad Jim steal his legal rights and tamper with justice by corruption and interfering into Jim Couri’s other cases and other judges and referees. Plain and simple, Madden was bought by the Pavias to railroad justice and fair play by lies, fraud, deception and charades of fraud -----

JSC Madden your charades and courthouse cons fooled only you----and your protection of the Pavias by your acts circumvented the rights afforded to all litigants and was in contravention to findings of other courts, statutes and case law------all to provide a corrupt lawyer George Pavia with rights stolen by a corrupted court---

One only need to read the disgraceful and transparent decisions and conduct of JSC Madden. She used her tentacles of fraud to contaminate and disenfranchise Jim Couri aiding disgraced sex vulture and confirmed thief Dr. John Siebert and his thugs all allied with mob front Pavia. The paper trail is clear and convincing. As we all know, corrupt courts are not new and are despicable---the Pavia's delivered on the promise that they would do anything to get out of the clutches of rent laws and stabilization---as recited by their lawyer, Jay Itkowitz, on his website. They did -- they corrupted a willing black-robe carpetbagger using bag-man Kenneth Gomez and others to steal a terminally ill senior citizen’s home by corruption, bribery and fraud.

Scams Inc and Scamraiders intends to fully expose this corruption by more and more facts and evidence so all can see how cronyism, and cesspool courthouse back-room fixes effect all of our daily lives, homes and liberty.

JSC Joan Madden is a disgrace to the rules of law and clear and convincing antics with Itkowitz, Gomez, Pavia, and a medley of referees and judges. Scamraiders and Scams Inc are assembling the plethora of Pavia schemes and will publish and refer it all to higher authorities JSC Madden and her law clerks are without conscience to engage in what collusion and manipulation of the rules of law we are uncovering daily. No bribe is worth the loss of public trust and honest implementation of the law. JSC Madden, you took a. oath and you mutilated it by your own acts and cover-ups.

See Jim Couri's Letter to the Commission on Judicial Misconduct Below:


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