George Pavia, Esq., John Siebert, M.D., Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. and Joseph M. Burke, Esq.

George Pavia, Esq., John Siebert, M.D., Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. and Joseph M. Burke, Esq. - what are these documented and proven perjurers, sex perverts, shake-down extortionists and corrupters of courts? Why are they spending so much time and money creating lies and slandering Scamraiders, a highly regarded watchdog internet news organization, whose mission-statement is focused on exposing the swindlers, fraudsters and bribers that these vultures have been proven to be?

These sociopaths, for about two years, have tried every scam and extortion M.O. to interfere into our documented reporting about these and other crooks.

Meanwhile, Siebert has been kicked out of four NYC hospitals for perverted sex acts, thefts and narco and emotional abuses of patients and healthcare fraud revelations from Dr. Siebert's victims. NYU Langone, Lenox Hill, Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospitals canned Siebert outright - and the thief Dr. Siebert has been evicted from four medical offices for sex abuses, fraud and bum checks.
The Pavias have been unmasked as phony, a liar and corrupters of courts, forgers, perjurers, tax evaders and extortionists.

Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. has been revealed as a thug, a sex abuser, an extortionist of Siebert's victims, including Ms. Rachel, who swears that Gomez engaged in perverted sex acts similar to his co-conspirator Dr. John Siebert.

George Pavia was witnessed threatening and attacking Jim Couri, and confirmed that he was a fascist who wanders the corridors in a bathrobe.
None of these dastardly and document acts, evictions, sex abuses, bribes, thefts and firings have been denied by George or Antonia Pavia, disgraced Dr. John Siebert and not even by puppet-pimp Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.

Scamraiders’ efforts aided in exposing Dr. John Siebert as a sex pervert, a healthcare thief, a perjurer and a pedophile. Siebert has been fired from four NYC hospitals as a sex maniac, a narcotics abuser, a healthcare thief and an extortionist. Siebert has been evicted out of four NYC medical offices for illegal acts and defrauding landlords. Siebert's false front was exposed and shattered by evidence Scamraiders assembled, including Siebert victim reports, affidavits and interviews.

George Pavia, Esq. and wife Antonia have been revealed as perjurers, tax evaders, corrupters of courts, mob-fronts, extortionists, thieves of Medicare funds and they have been exposed as phonies and George as an admitted former fascist and a sex abuser, wandering corridors in bathrobes otherwise nude. Scamraiders has proven Pavia’s theft of the Pierce East 77th St property without gift tax or proper consideration and the Pavias forgery of building documents, and reported as perjurers at ECB courts in NYC. Undaunted, George got to JSC Madden, who rewrote laws, CPLR, and the U.S. and NY constitutions to allow the Pavias to railroad and ambush the rules of law for their corrupt agendas.

As to Gomez and Burke they are pimps who have been used as 'wind-up toys' by Pavia and Siebert. Gomez has threatened, extorted, and engaged in perjury and fraud for a pay-day. His rants are pathetic and a method of extortion by proffering lies to cover-up Scamraiders continued exposés about these well-documented undesirable persons, who are desperate to retain a false front that due to our reporting and proofs have unmasked and denuded all of these sociopaths.

Meanwhile, none of them have denied the documented facts reported by Scamraiders that has aided hospitals, landlords, law enforcement and the public in revealing that these persons are sex vultures insurance thieves, extortionists and phonies and menaces to society.

Finally, Gomez trying to harass and target Jim Couri is despicable, as Jim is fighting Stage 4 cancer and other grave medical issues and has no interest in a phony-pimp extortionist Gomez. Jim intends to cause the pursuit of Siebert for the $20million Siebert has stolen from Jim. Siebert and burke violated a broad and sweeping injunction, since 12-12-05, and engaged in perjury and fraud in a scheme to defraud the court and Jim through corruption and worse. The violation of an injunction enjoining a lawyer and client willfully must have grave consequences and, to be sure, constitutes contempt of court. Here Siebert and burke engaged in these contemptuous acts and rampant violations of the injunction for six years, defrauding, four judges, four referees, the Appellate Division First Dept and other courts for unjust and corrupt rewards.

Ostrich fraudster Gomez has no denials for these truck-loads of documented acts of larceny, corruption, sex abuses, extortion and worse that these outcasts have orchestrated.

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