George Pavia, Esq, Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq, John Siebert, M.D. are all reported sex perverts who engage in lewd acts documented by witnesses

George Pavia, Esq
George Pavia, Esq, Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq, John Siebert, M.D. are all reported sex perverts who engage in lewd acts documented by witnesses . . .

There appears to be more of a common thread tying George M. Pavia, Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. and disgraced sex vulture Dr. John Siebert together – more than the thefts, corruption, bribery, perjury, tax evasion, acts of contempt, forgery and extortion they have been involved and documented.

These persons are not only sociopaths but they are reported sex abusers. These vultures have been reported by many witnesses, court files, affidavits, etc., as being sex perverts.

Here are the facts, as reported to Scamraiders by involved persons who have been victims of these reported perverts, affidavits, court filings, telephone tape recordings, and interviews.

George M. Pavia wanders, according to sworn-to testimony and court files, the public halls of 18 East 73rd Street, NYC only wearing a bathrobe - otherwise completely and disgracefully nude.

George M. Pavia reportedly often stands at the inside entry of the property and when tenants or others enter, George stands there with his genitals exposed and witnessed by tenants. George claims under oath that he is only fetching his morning newspaper and not a sex exhibitor.

One can only wonder why an 80-year-old man would be out in a public area only donning a loose fitting bathrobe and otherwise nude?

Is George a pervert or simply demented and mentally imbalanced?

Jim Couri tried to have George mentally evaluated, but JSC Joan Madden protected pay-off George and refused to sign the order. Thus, we rely on the court and other evidence and that of George Pavia's mental doctor, Arnold Hutchnecker's reports and evaluations of George.

George, according to affidavits and court records also was heard engaging in sex-capades with one of his male tenants - a decorator, Tod Romano - who resided on the 4th floor of the building that George Pavia resides and where George stole rent stabilization.

This tenant, Tod Alexander Romano, was - based on the courthouse records - seemingly gotten to financially and recruited by George Pavia to commit perjury for George at the Madden court room so Pavia could rob rent stabilization.

Soon after Romanos courthouse lies, Romano (who had little or no assets and working out of his 4th floor one-room walk-up) moved to a fancy apartment and opened an elaborate decorator-shop on Lexington Avenue and 74th Street. Was this a George Pavia 'pay-off' to secure the Pavia theft of rent stabilization by Pavia's corrupt acts?

We are wondering where Tod Alexander Tomano got the cash to fund his new digs and his shop . . .

As George Pavia has a penchant for fixing and bribery, we are investigating, as the Romano shop is no longer there.

George Pavia's seeming and reported sex-capades with Mr. Romano and George exposing himself and other documented antics reveals George Pavia's interesting common links to Gomez and Siebert's penchants for sex perversions.

George Pavia is a documented fixer and a spiteful coward and thief, hiding behind his thugs and his wife, Antonia, to do his bad acts, extorting and threatening - although five witnesses have seen George threaten Jim Couri.

George has displayed acts of a imbalanced and a delusional person, as reported by his mental doctor, Hutchneicker, and others.

Kenneth V. Gomez tries to intimidate and shake down a Siebert victim – Ms. Rachel, who went public about Siebert's sex perversions and pedophilia. Gomez became enamored and sexually aroused by Rachel and her roommates.

Gomez, we are told, indulged in some mood-altering drugs (probably provided by Dr. Siebert) as Rachel reports that 'ass-hole Gomez began to froth at the mouth and began to masturbate with his hands in his pockets.'

We have confirmed from witnesses Gomez sex acts and his attempted shake-down of Rachel to gag her about Siebert's pedophilia and other sex perversions.

Rachel and her roommates witnessed Gomez's sex acts and 'sex talk.'

Rachel also reports Gomez's frequent attempts at phone sex with her – some lawyer!!!!

Gomez is a documented and a reported thug and a pimp

Ms. Rachel has reported Gomez and Siebert's sex perversions in detail as have many other of Siebert's sex victims.

Dr. John Siebert has been exposed as a sex pervert, who engaged in sex acts with victim-patients at hospitals, exposing himself in examining rooms offices and closets at NYU Langone Hospital. Siebert has engaged in phone sex from hospital phones with Rachel, Diane Kleiman and others.

Siebert's sex distortions and perversions have been confirmed by victim affidavits, his discharge from 3 NYC hospitals for cause and police reports filed by Muriel Karas. Scamraiders has interviewed victim Kleiman, Linda M., Rachel and others who confirm Siebert's demented sex habits.

So what we have here appears to be three sex vultures who, along with their sex perversions, are engaged in a criminal enterprise of thefts, extortion, fraud on courts, tax evasion, threats, and larceny - all documented and all undenied.

Evidence assembled and court records confirm the charges we have outlined involving these scoundrels and now well-documented sex rogues and thieves. Facts don't lie, people do!!!! Stay tuned . . .

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