George Pavia Esq. seems to surface along with clients charged with tax evasion, forgery, corruption and other crimes including money laundering and off-shore tax scams, is George the new Teflon-Thug?

Scamraiders has carefully investigated George and Antonia Pavia and their well-documented acts of tax evasion, courthouse corruption, extortion , tampering, forgery, perjury, and off-shore enterprises. The Pavia tax evasion has been confirmed by New York Department of finance records and court and other documents. Perjury, alliances with jail-bird-mob figure/contractor Ted Kohl a pal and client of Pavia. The Ted Kohl indictments charging Kohl and his contracting companies, Herbert Construction and IGT embrace claims of tax fraud, money laundering and extortion. Pavia has been engaged in thefts of Medicare funds, perjury tax evasion threats, extortion and filing false documents with state agencies. The Pavias have used back-room corruption and bribes to obstruct justice.
All charges and allegations and proof have not been denied by the Pavia's at any time anywhere.
Now Scamraiders has obtained the criminal charges against Mauricio Assor, et al. USA v Assor filed 4-14-10. Kohl has been convicted as has Assor. The common thread here is Teflon-corkscrew George Pavia. Scamraiders can only wonder why Pavia's clients seem to be charged and convicted of the same or similar acts that the Pavia's engage in. Scamraiders has carefully reviewed the Pavias acts for many years, much is posted in exposes and evidence on Scamraiders.
We know that Ted Kohl was closely allied with Pavia and perjury before the NY-DHCR and at state courts to obstruct rent-stabilization and barter-deals. The Assor case is not yet reviewed by Scamraiders, but here again George Pavia is involved and with a client found guilty of usual George Pavia machinations, a smart person once said, “Where there is smoke there is fire.” Scamraiders knows George Pavia has threatened, extorted, stolen, engaged in tax scams and has obstructed justice by use of cronyism, tampering and other acts of criminality, we know that George Pavia is a spiteful, lecherous 'bad-egg' and a trickster.

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