George Pavia, John Siebert, Ken V. Gomez and Joseph M. Burke send thugs to trespass at office building where Scamraiders maintains office facilities

These desperados, Pavia, Siebert, Gomez and Burke have now hired a thug to impersonate a prospective tenant to gain access to our office space. The 'impersonator' today - gave the office building receptionist a phony name, (Bob Jones) then answered his ringing cell-phone with a different name, (Nick).


Then this imposter began to ask questions to the office manager about us and Mr. Couri, falsely claiming that he was Jim Couri's friend and that Jim recommended the imposter to the office manager. Neither Jim nor Scamraiders knows this person, and never recommended this man to the office manager. Jim has been ill and in hospital.


Further to that - this man was video- monitored by the building surveillance equipment, and he is a liar and a trespasser - as neither Scamraiders or Mr. Couri knows this person, these antics perpetuated by these thugs is a repeat performance which caused Jim to enter hospitals under assumed names as Pavia has threatened Jim repeatedly; Siebert and Gomez and Burke have extorted and harassed Jim and Scamraiders.


Well, Mr. Bob Jones or Nick has lied, falsified and trespassed and we have his image on video disc. See Scamraiders for more on this matter trespass.

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