George Pavia, Ken Gomez - did you bribe and compromise JSC Joan Madden in NY court to rob rent stabilization rights from Jim Couri?

If you did not corrupt, bribe and use 'bag-man' Gomez, why not deny the charges?

George and Antonia Pavia are thieves who wanted the rent stabilization Jim secured fair & square at 18 E 73 St, NYC expunged. They lied, cheated, were found by the ECB Court to be perjurers, filed false certificates of corrections of DOB NY findings that 18 E is hazardous. They lied and left Jim in a hazardous apartment and they had Madden in their pocket, who deprived over seven violations still open and fines not paid.

Madden's corrupt court rewrote laws, rules, statutes to aid Pavia's corruption. Madden violated Jim's constitutional rights to due process and her decisions prove corruption, deception and a kangaroo court.

Madden and Pavia, with Gomez and Jay Itkowitz, stole justice and Pavia stole back rent stabilization. The Pavias now better realize that their robbery is not over - their frauds,misconduct and misrepresentations are now under a microscope.

When their frauds, corruption and violations of law fully assembled they will be in federal court answering to RICO and other causes of action. Meanwhile, the should not try to sell 18 E or 15 E 77 that they stole and did not pay gift tax on their illegal gain through robbery and false filings with NY franchise and other agencies. See Scamraiders and $10,000.00 rewards.

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