Jim Couri has just learned of Mr. Gomez's new outright fraud and lies – concerning alleged improprieties regarding a notary. To show that Mr. Gomez and his co-conspirators are sick and demented, the facts are as follows:

1.Why would anyone forge a notary stamp/signature on his own affidavit? Such a claim is as pathetic as Mr. Gomez. In fact, it was established that the notary provided Jim with 35 pre-signed and pre-stamped notaries, for which Jim paid because the notary offered the service and Jim was hospitalized. Since notaries are everywhere, when Ms Ohanion was not available, Jim used the services of a notary one block away from the office Jim occupied where Ohanion worked. This entire notary issue has been a setup by these desperados to steal Jim's money.

2.As to Mr. Gomez's charge that Jim has been in New York, such a claim exhibits Mr. Gomez and his RICO co-conspirators' desperation. Jim has not been in New York for almost two years, except on one occasion last December for one day. As to the comments about the United States Attorney, who Jim has aided in many criminal prosecutions of others: on a brief conversation Jim had with an investigator concerning Gomez' complaint, which was laughable, Jim was speaking to this investigator on his cell phone, with a 917 New York number while Jim was sitting at FedEx/Kinko's in Palm Desert, CA. Jim suggested to the U.S. Attorney, that rather than investigate false allegations of Jim supposedly forging his own affidavits, that they investigate Gomez, Siebert and Burke's and Pavia's tax evasion involving millions of dollars, spoliation of evidence, which is a crime and Pavia's failure to pay millions in gift tax. All these guys have tried to do is extort Jim and Scamraiders to cover up their criminal conduct.

3.As to Jim's medical condition, such is well-documented. Jim herewith states unequivocally, that Mr. Gomez is a criminal, a liar and a scam artist. Jim suffers from serious cancer, heart disease and is going to be operated on imminently. The cancer he has has an average life-expectancy of about one year. It is suggested that Mr. Gomez answer the allegations against him and his co-conspirators, rather than continue mudslinging. People in glass houses should not throw stones, as the glass may shatter, to the detriment of Mr. Gomez and his “partners in crime.”

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