Has sex vulture Dr. John Siebert been finally charged by the NY State Department of Health?

Has convicted by NYU Langone hearings and firing of sex vulture Dr. John Siebert been finally charged by the NY State Department of Health for his sexual and other abuses of patients resulting in Siebert's being fired from four NYC prominent hospitals

Scamraiders has learned that sex vulture John Siebert, who has been canned by many hospitals including Lenox Hill, NYU Langone, Manhattan Eye and Ear--- and evicted from 4 or 5 medical offices is harassing and proffering lies and fraud to Sloane Kettering hospital in a scheme and attempt to become affiliated with them---------

Of course Siebert has not disclosed his being fired by NYU Langone hospital for sex molesting patients, narcotics abuses and thefts of healthcare-insurer WellPoint’s money.

Sloan Kettering we are advised--- wants zero to do with sex vulture Siebert and persons with the hospital have revealed to our investigators that they believe that Siebert may have been already charged or is soon to be charged by NY state as a rogue doctor and sex molester of patients------

Siebert and his thugs Kenneth V. Gomez and Joseph M. Burke and mob pal George Pavia have extorted and threatened a number of Siebert's victims including Ms. Rachel, Diane Kleiman and Jim Couri who was compelled to enter hospitals using assumed names due to the threats uttered by Pavia and Gomez----some threats witnessed---

Pavia threatened to have Jim murdered, and he recruited Gomez along with Siebert to threaten, harass and extort Jim, Ms. Rachel, Kleiman and others---------

Scamraiders was told by Kleiman, Jim Couri and Rachel of these acts engaged in by Gomez and we have seen some of Gomez abusive threatening emails---------

Siebert is a lowlife-sociopath who must have his medical license revoked in-to-to-----------stay tuned


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