Health Care Reform? Here are some real reformers

"Remedies for all types of diseases and ailments" -- the stated millsion of the Indio Free Climic, hidden between a gas station and the "One Stop Pawn Shop" in Indio, California, the city where the best dates in America are grown.

Dr. Richard P Parkinson, with the assistance of Haki Dervishi, proprietor of One Stop Pawn Shop, provides free medical care and couciling to anyone who comes to their door. There is no need for health insurance or co-pays. There are no questions asked in regards to a patient's medical insurer. If you need help, they are there to help.

As one enters this small but important clinic, there is a large color photo of Dr. Parkinson standing with Mother Theresa above a couch used to comfort anyone who needs it. The entire clinic's medicalservices are free, simply for the asking. We need more Haki & Dr. Parkinsons in America.

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