How can any legitimate medical institution allow John W. Siebert MD to be affiliated with it as a documented sex pervert and predator?

Dr. John Siebert has been fired from NYU/Langone hospital for acts of sex and other abuses of patients. He has been unmasked by Diane Kleiman, Linda M, Ms Rachel and numerous other (yet not disclosed by Scamraiders) Siebert victims.

Molested by Siebert's sex perversions. Siebert is a pedophile and a sex abuser of women and according to his victims a sex molester to minor boys and girls, some of the victim's disclosures have been posted on Scamraiders. Siebert is a proven thief, perjurer and a sociopath who has intimidated and extorted his victims to encourage them to “shut-up.” He and his thug lawyers have compromised, lied and colluded with NY courts to try and gag Scamraiders. These outlaws have conned and lied to Google and others to try and stop Scamraiders' free press and documented and undenied exposures of Siebert's larceny and sex rapes of patients. Siebert is a despicable con-man without any conscience, a phony and a Frankenstein in a doctor's white coat. This pretender/predator belongs in prison and many of Siebert's victims are now coming forward to aid in his jailing along with his corrupt lawyers Joseph M Burke and Kenneth V Gomez, two contemptible trickster/thugs.

Why would a legitimate medical hospital keep Dr. Siebert in the four corners of their medical institution? A proven sex abuser and pedophile, Siebert is a menace and a danger to any patient who this bum encounters he will steal rape and emotionally rob any unsuspecting patient as he has done repeatedly and been charged for such acts and fired by NYU/Langone in NYC. Stay tuned to Scamraiders for more on this unfolding story.


Rachel Letters:


Rachel Letter and Envelope

Linda M. Letter:


Kleiman Affidavit:


Karas Documents:

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Summons

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Complaint

Karas v. Siebert (et al) - Complaint Dismissed

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