How come prominent New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Baker is giving NYC Medical office space to documented sex vulture John Siebert, MD?

Dr. Dan Baker
Baker is a well known surgeon and former husband to Nina Griscom, ending in a sticky divorce and Baker's shocking attempted suicide. Now, after being forclosed by Chase Bank at Siebert's former office at 799 Park Ave, NYC, a office Siebert finagled from retiring Doctor V. Michael Hogan, and after Siebert was kicked out of shared space with surgeon S. Aston, Siebert shows up at Baker's office.

Dr. Baker surely knows that Siebert was kicked out of NYU-Langone Medical Center because Baker operates out of that hospital. Thus, Baker knows all of Siebert's sexual predatory abuses of Siebert's patients - some we hear have taken place at Baker's office, while used by Siebert.

We cant figure out why Baker does not throw this sex vulture out. Is Siebert abusing and intimidating Dr. Baker? Stay tuned and please view the following documents re: Dr. Daniel Baker:

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