How Dr. John Siebert defrauded presiding Judge Luis Gonzalez and the Appellate Division First Department

Appellate Division 1st Dept
How Dr. John Siebert defrauded presiding Judge Luis Gonzalez and the Appellate Division First Department, aided by corrupt lawyers, about 6 or 7 Siebert perjured affidavits, suppression of evidence, suborning perjury, and systematic fraud on the court and plaintiff - not a bad con game to rip-off $20,000,000.00

Dr. John Siebert has duped, conned and cheated many. Now, he so far has, by criminal acts, perjury, fraud, obstruction of justice and corruption, pulled off a theft of $20,000,000.00 in unconditional obligations that Siebert agreed to pay and agreed not to oppose if he defaulted - and signed off by his lawyers. Yet by engaging in perjury, suppression of evidence, fraud, wire fraud, conning and misleading presiding Appellate Division Judge Luis Gonzalez and the Appellate Division 1st Department, referees, and a few NY state judges thrown in for good measure, and by fraud and perjury and courthouse well-documented corruption.

Siebert has perpetuated crimes on the courts and the App Div 1st Dept and Judge Gonzalez and others who sit in judgment and by fraud and perjury, avoided judgments against Siebert and his PC for millions in unpaid notes, settlement agreements and guarantees he willingly executed with the advice of his lawyers a major Siebert courthouse scam and railroading.

Siebert and his lawyers have engaged in willful systematic deception and fraud and criminal acts to rob justice and a steal a fortune in creditors moneys due from sociopath sex offender Siebert. See affidavits of Siebert patients on Scamraiders, swearing to Siebert's crimes. These Siebert acts were intentionally withheld and shrouded by perjury in pleadings at the courts in NYC and at the Appellate Division and in appellate record documents.

All the while, Siebert and his lawyer secreted a broad and sweeping injunction from Gonzalez and the courts, which precluded any court activity without specific pre-approval - an intentional scam on the court by Siebert to deprive and mislead other judges by secretion of the injunction and Siebert's true background.

A major and systematic fraud on the courts and Judge Gonzalez, all of whom were duped by Siebert and his lawyers.

It is amazing what a cheating lawyer and a lying outlaw client can do with a bag of tricks and a sociopath client, Dr. John Siebert, who concocted a bogus perception that he was a respectable doctor and family man when, in fact, Siebert was and is a fraud, a phony, a sex vulture, a healthcare thief, a pedophile and a rapist, who, during the relevant periods Siebert was a target of hearings at NYU/Langone Hospital for sexually abusing and molesting patients and other dastardly acts including healthcare thefts and frauds. Although Siebert and his lawyer were involved in these hearings and NY State Dept of Health investigations, they lied in court pleadings and at Siebert's testimony denying these actions against Siebert, proffering that Siebert was a 'squeaky-clean, fine upstanding doctor.'

All outright lies and known to be false by Siebert and his lawyer yet sworn-to in order to defraud and obstruct justice and deprive justice by fraud and deception.

The result? Siebert was fired from NYU/Langone and fired from Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital for acts of sexual abuses and thefts from patients and from Wellpoint Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Siebert systematically defrauded the courts and secreted his true sociopathic activities to defraud his plaintiff creditor and the courts.

Then, Siebert and his lawyer secreted a broad and sweeping injunction precluding the filing of motions or legal actions without proper court approval.

Siebert and his lawyers systematically lied in court pleadings and in the appellate record, shrouding the bad acts of Dr. Siebert and creating an painting a false Dr. Siebert by serious fraud on the court and all arising out of a motion made by Siebert in violation of the injunction, thus defrauding the court and the App Div 1st Dept.

A $20,000,000.00 Siebert intentional theft and scam by fraud, perjury and Dr. John Siebert's self styled Midwestern con game. What Siebert and his lawyers have done constitute crimes, fraud, obstruction of justice and worse - mandating multiple damages and other serious reprisals.

They say, 'there is a time to dance and a time to pay the piano player . . .'

Dr. John Siebert seems now to be a trapped rat, evicted out of four NYC medical offices and fired out of three NYC hospitals and a defendant in multiple lawsuits and a well known sex offender and abuser of innocent victim patients

And there are no more con games available for Siebert - a confirmed sex offender, a sociopath and a documented perjurer and a disgrace to the practice of medicine.

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