How many more frauds does rogue Dr. John Siebert have to orchestrate before he is put in prison?

Siebert hat been thumbing his nose at the law, innocent citizens and prosecutors for years---

Slick Jonnie Siebert has engaged in repeated phony adds replete with deception and lies, rampant perjury, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, molesting of patients, narcotics abuses, Medicare fraud, healthcare thefts and fraud, falsification of patients charts to rip-off Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other insurers, and intentional cover-up of his physical, emotional and financial rapes of innocent victim-patients and intimidation, all now well documented with evidence material and 'sworn-to' victim's affidavits etc.

Siebert continues to defraud prospective patients by running internet and other solicitations claiming that he is with hospitals who never heard of him or claiming that he is with hospitals who fired him.

Siebert claims in adds that he is 'Chief of Surgery' at Bellevue Hospital - yet Bellevue has no record of Siebert at all.

Now, Siebert has defrauded 875 Park Avenue, gaining entry into that building without any board approvals or applications. This seemingly accomplished with a Dr. Glenn Jelks, who secreted Siebert into his medical office by, we think, deception, as Siebert is running his private practice in that building under the guise as a 'employee' of Jelks - another fraud.

Siebert has and continues to harass and intimidate his victim patients that he sexually abused. He has been fired from three NYC hospitals and evicted out of three or four medical offices in NYC for cause.

Frauds, thefts sex attacks and squatting in a Park Ave. building by deception, perjury, tax evasion, fraudulent ads, thefts of healthcare money - is it not time to make this rogue/vulture Dr. Siebert pay for the abuse, thefts and damage this outlaw has caused?

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