How many more patient victims to the ever growing list suffering from Parry Romberg syndrome have rogue Dr John Siebert conned into fundraisers for money?

 -- for Siebert and UW Hospital for a procedure that medical research confirms is contra indicated for a progressive disease without any cure?

Siebert has conned many, now he has a new scam, giving false hopes for persons with a incurable disease for a Siebert-Frankenstein style surgery and causing the victims and their family to conduct fundraisers for money for Siebert and UW hospital.

Dr John Siebert belongs in a prison, not in an operating room.

Dr John Siebert is a master manipulator, a man without conscience or morality.

To permit documented sociopath Siebert to conduct 8 hours of surgery for a progressive disease and giving false hopes and large medical and hospital bills, this form of fraud is an act of desperation seemingly orchestrated by corruption and greed.

These matters require an in depth investigation by federal and Wisconsin state authorities into Siebert and UW hospital and their control persons.

We have learned that Siebert's scam has stung the family of Christine Honeycutt and probably many more including conning them into raising cash for Siebert and UW hospital with fundraisers to allow Dr Frankenstein Siebert to conduct eight hours of painful surgery on a incurable progressive disease that has no cure.

Quite a scam promoted by a rogue crooked doctor Siebert and a seemingly desperate UW hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

PT Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute and two to squeeze him sociopaths prey on the weak and the needy who need hope even if none exist enter the con men.

Medical science reveals that Siebert's premise is bogus and a delay of the inevitable as there are no known cures for Parry Romberg surgery to enrich Siebert at the expense of the desperate patients, an ungodly scam.

Siebert has fooled and raped these people with false hopes, and con to take their money.

Parry Romberg sufferers, please go see a good and honest surgeon, and a good lawyer and scrutinize Dr Siebert's trail of sex abuses, firings, evictions, and criminal acts as sworn to by many. Your future is at stake, do not be lured by Siebert's phony Midwestern conduct, he is a sociopath and a con artist. Please be careful.

A hocus pocus con to make money at the expense of innocent hopeful patients and families.

Fraudsters and sociopaths are despicable and Siebert is a contemptible inhuman desperate charlatan Dr Siebert is a person without conscience a Geoffrey Dahmer of the medical profession.

And records and patient exposes prove Siebert's rapes of patients hearts and bodies.

Both have undergone Siebert's surgery we believe without full disclosure about Sieberts sex and other crimes and without full disclosure as to the facts about the disease Parry Romberg and the risks and lack of safe results for these flimflam surgeries.

None we believe were told of Siebert's sociopathic acts, frauds and thefts and sex abuses all documented.

Siebert collects these victims 'blood money' by fraud and deception and luring them in with false hopes and dreams.

This Dr Siebert is a menace, a fraud and a sociopath, confirmed by many of Siebert's patients and former hospitals and others.

Please see report from Dr J. Stone at the end of this article as posted on Scamraiders homepage on 2-28-11.

And all other exhibits to enlighten the dastardly frauds and deceptions engaged in by Siebert and probably university of Wisconsin Hospital (UW Hospital) who continues to turn a blind eye to Siebert's sex and other crimes.

We believe UW hospital is a disgrace and a money grubbing disgrace having been cited for many other infractions that adversely have impacted patient care and unsanitary conditions.

Fraud on patients are crimes.



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