Intentional violations of a major injunction

Joseph M. Burke, Esq. and John Siebert, M.D. con and defraud four Unified Court judges and four Unified Court referees by secreting and disobeying a broad and sweeping injunction issued by Judge Harold Beeler on 12-12-2005, ordering and mandating that all parties in the Jim Couri vs John Siebert and Siebert M.D. PC are enjoined from making any motions or filing any cases, including Joseph M. Burke, without first obtaining permission by telephonic conference call with the court and with all parties on the line.

Undaunted, Burke and Siebert, ignoring the injunction, secreted it after Beeler resigned the court, refused and failed to disclose the injunction and thereafter defrauded three other judges and defrauded the Appellate Division First Dept. They were illegally rewarded by the issuance of decisions and orders arising out of illegal motions, all of which must, as a matter of law, be vacated, set aside and expunged as violative of the injunction and Burke and Siebert must be held in contempt.

Jim Couri, in fact, sought and obtained permission to bring another case against Siebert and prevailed. Joseph M. Burke, a lawyer, committed intentional fraud on four judges and four referees, obtaining illegal and barred decisions issued by judges and referees and appellate courts, who were clueless as to the injunction.

Burke's and Siebert's acts constitute contempt, fraud and intentional suppression of a material injunction while they obtained unjust and illegal rewards while Jim Couri was undergoing cancer and cardiac surgery. The intentional violation of a injunction should have grave consequences for a lawyer's intentional flouting of it and his perjury and fraud on the court and an ill pro-se litigant - more fodder for RICO and the federal courts.

We are waiting for more evidence being developed daily - stay tuned.

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