Is Diane Kleiman's affidavit swornto on by her on July 2, 2010 completely true and accurate or is Kleiman herself a narcissist,imbalanced and a liar?

Diane Kleiman is a lawyer. She came forward to Scamraiders by emails and phone calls in or about early May 2010. Kleiman implored Scamraiders for a platform to report her side of her story of sexual abuse, mutilation and narcotics abuse engaged in by Dr John W. Siebert on Kleiman.

Kleiman, for about 2 months was interviewed reporting in detail the sex abuses and narcotics abuse she claimes that dr Siebert forced upon her in his private office, NYU/Langone hospital examining rooms, hospital rooms and other offices at NYU and elsewhere.

Kleiman further reported Siebert's falsification of her medical charts and case in order to obtain a fortune in illegal reimbursements from Empire BC/BS, for himself and for NYU.

Scamraiders listened to Kleiman's reports but declined to post any article without any proof of Kleiman's charges. Kleiman offered to produce a comprehensive affidavit and did on July 2, 2010.

Kleiman asked Scamraiders to proceed with a expose about her case and plight and requested we email her affidavit to NYU/Langone hospital and directly to Mr Kenneth Langone individually, which Scamraiders did at Ms. Kleiman's request.

Scamraiders advised Kleiman that based on her swearing that healthcare fraud had been committed by Siebert and that Scamraiders was going to report the crime to Empire after Kleiman disclosed the healthcare fraud she confirmed in her affidavit was with Empire but that she did not know that Siebert and NYU defrauded Empire until the internal hearings conducted at NYU/Langone that resulted in the firing of Siebert.

Empire BC/BS conducted a full investigation and confirmed that Kleiman's affidavit regarding Siebert's healthcare thefts were accurate.

Scamraiders has carefully analyzed the Kleiman affidavit and ask: If Kleiman was not consenting to sex with Siebert, why did she not yell and scream while Siebert was exposing himself in an examining room at NYU/Langone?

Why did Kleiman continue to engage Siebert as her doctor and continue to allow this sex predator to rape her and mutilate her and prescribe narcotics to?

This Kleiman/Siebert reported sex abuse went on for a few years, according to Kleiman. Why did she not immediately at the first sex encounter file a criminal report, or file an immediate report with New York State Health Department and immediately file a public lawsuit?

Kleiman waited years and only after dozens of sex encounters and inpatient frauds and millions of dollars in healthcare thefts and frauds did Kleiman go public reporting her sordid affair with Dr Siebert and her supposed free cosmetic surgeries and free occupancy at NYU's OR's, accommodations and drugs over (according to Kleiman) a few years and many Siebert botched cosmetic surgeries?

Kleiman, as far as Scamraiders knows, never went to the Empire fraud dept., or to the FBI or Dept of Justice to report Siebert's falsification of her medical situation and Siebert's thefts of millions from healthcare insurer Empire BC/BS.

How much did Kleiman or for that matter NYU/Langone hospital know and when did they know that Siebert was swindling Empire BC/BS and others?

Scamraiders does know that when Kleiman was advised that her affidavit was being submitted to Empire she claimed that welcomed it.

Until she was questioned about her receipt from Empire of claim forms confirming that Siebert and NYU received a fortune of fraudulent reimbursements related to her case that Kleiman claimed that Siebert was performing cosmetic/surgeries on Kleiman for free.

Kleiman then realized that she may be found to be complicit with Siebert's healthcare scam and turned on Scamraiders for reporting the very crimes she herself reported to Scamraiders and asked for help.

Is it possible Kleiman is simply a woman scorned by Siebert and who for a couple of years was engaging in sex with a doctor in curious places and getting cosmetic surgery and narcotics for free?

Kleiman surely knew or should have known that Siebert was robbing Empire BC/BS on her case alone. What the heck? She gets her mail and Empire advises all subscribers who gets paid and how much.

This Kleiman/Siebert/NYU saga is not so complex if one reads the Kleiman affidavit and time lines and her interaction with Scamraiders and Jim over the phones and via emails.

Sex, both Siebert and Kleiman were at it for years performing sex acts on each other and seemingly enjoying the whole affair, in person and on the phone until, like with other Siebert patient victims Siebert wanted out.

Kleiman could not take or accept rejection, was scorned and attacked Siebert and then went public with the sex antics Kleiman condoned for years before with a rogue Dr Siebert.

Kleiman has recently attacked Scamraiders, and she has had the temerity to have attacked infirmed Jim Couri, who does not even know Kleiman. Why? Kleiman did not get her way as to the reports made by Scamraiders as to the Siebert/Kleiman now documented healthcare swindle.

Seems that this is Kleiman's MO, if she doesn't get her way have a tantrum.

Regardless Siebert, a doctor is not supposed to be engaging in sex in hospitals with patients consenting or not.

And surely Dr Siebert is not supposed to be robbing healthcare providers for a fortune for himself and for a sex partner patient Diane Kleiman.

A key part of the Kleiman/Siebert sexcapades was a massive Siebert swindle and scam of Empire BC/BS perpetrated in part so that Ms Kleiman could receive cosmetic surgeries and redo's at the expense of Empire and the public and so that ms Kleiman could receive in hospital room and board and attention from Siebert and NYU staff, all for free thanks to defrauding healthcare provider Empire BC/BS.

Kleiman swears in her affidavit that she learned of the Siebert healthcare scam for the first time at the NYU hearings involving Siebert's sex abuses and frauds.

Up to then she believed that Siebert was operating and using NYU/Langone's operating rooms, medications and staff and inpatient rooms, all for free and all for the benefit of 'daddy's little girl' Ms Kleiman

All possibly true and possibly the Tooth Fairy is coming for a visit tonight also.

Kleiman seems to have a documented habit of retaliation when she is rejected or doesn't get her way. Her sweet talk towards Scamraiders who spent hours listening to her voluntary reports quickly turned to vicious lies and unfounded attacks on Scamraiders and Jim Couri.

This turn of conduct by Kleiman was when she figured out that she not only 'tanked' Siebert and NYU but herself as well when she revealed to Scamraiders the Siebert healthcare scam involving her cosmetic surgeries and related medical care seemingly a plain and simple tantrum from a spoiled woman in need of attention.

Kleiman's belated and unfounded badmouth towards Scamraiders who tried to aid her, bodes poorly for her claims of ignorance and her claims that Dr Siebert repeatedly forced himself on Kleiman and sexually abused and raped her for years and Kleiman sat silent until the sordid sex affair was concluded.

A woman being raped usually acts a little differently and not for a few years of on going Kleiman claimed sex abuses by Dr John Siebert in hospital examining rooms and other oddball places without a cry/scream of “I am being raped help me"

What was Ms Kleiman thinking about all that time? Was it attention along with exciting sex from a married doctor, free narcotics, free cosmetic surgery, free hospital room and board and lots of much needed and demanded attention for"daddy's little girl?' and compliments of a healthcare scam?

Kleiman in June of 2010 also over the phones offered to travel to California to help Jim Couri's health care and in the process Kleiman called Jim 5 and 6 times a day for weeks.

Jim never met this woman and declined her offers, then Kleiman turns on Jim as well.

Is Kleiman's conduct curious? Her affidavit reveals much about what reads like a possibly troubled, self indulgent , spoiled 'daddy's little girl' who never grew up and who gets what she wants and will do and say anything to get her way and grab what she wants for self indulgence regardless of who she hurts.

And who savors attention no matter from who and no matter where and no matter at what expense to others????

Sex aside, one thing seems sure, Siebert swindled Empire BC/BS for a fortune on the Kleiman case alone a federal healthcare crime now confirmed by Empire BC/BS.

Was Kleiman and NYU/Langone hospital complicit, knew and in on the healthcare Siebert scam?

If they did not know it seems certain that they should have known NYU/Langone a big deal hospital doesn't live in la la land while getting and spending a fortune from healthcare insurers on the Kleiman hospital inpatient stays and use of NYU's operating rooms, and staff.

Can Kleiman really have believed Siebert's lies that he was conducting cosmetic surgeries and operating on her for months and for free while Siebert was engaging in frequent and bizarre sex antics with ms Kleiman between surgeries sounds like 'fairy tails'?

And the post Kleiman affidavit actions seems to bode poorly for NYU/Langone, and Kleiman this and other questions must be resolved by the department of justice and a grand jury.

As big money is involved on the Kleiman swindle alone and who knows what else.

Scamraiders thinks this could be the tip of a serious and deep iceberg involving healthcare swindles Siebert and Nelsa Garcia his 'partner office manager'

Fact is that Siebert surely falsified Kleiman's medical situation in order to obtain and did obtain a fortune in stolen healthcare payments by fraud and deception and Kleiman swears to this Siebert scam in her affidavit.

Scamraiders will repost the Diane Kleiman affidavit at the end of this article when posted on the homepage for all to review and for all to and decide as to who knew what and when and what was up with the Siebert/Kleiman sex/narcotics saga.

Well, as they say, "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks it's not a elephant" time will tell?


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