Is Dr John Siebert, a documented quack and sociopath, performing illegal surgery on patients stricken with Parry Romberg Syndrome and defrauding them with false hopes?

 . . . in order to unjustly enrich himself?


Scamraiders has reviewed medical essays, reports, journals, etc., and a plethora of medical opinions regarding Parry Romberg.

We had wondered why highly regarded surgeons rarely conduct major surgery on persons with the disease, the answer seems simple: there are no "fixes" for this disease.

Surgery seems to be like filling a cavity in a tooth without removing the decay with Parry Romberg there is no cure it is progressive and a disease. Siebert's premise looks like another in a long line of Siebert's frauds, quackery and Dr Frankenstein procedures.

See his patient Diane Kleiman's affidavit.

It appears that Siebert is a quack and proffering in quackery.

The answer seems to be that there is no cure and the surgery seems to exacerbate the physical and emotional condition of the patient, usually girls under 20 years of age.

Siebert's quackery and evidence confirms does not rectify the cause of the disease which is progressive and without any known cure, the Siebert surgery is at best temporary and is painful and probably does more physical damage not to mention the dashed false hopes proffered by a sociopath lying doctor Siebert.

The records confirm that if you cut out a cancer tumor without dealing with the cancer it self by implementing recognized cancer treatments at teaching honest medical institutions it simply grows back.

Siebert's surgery, we believe, might be a fraud and may be contra indicated, causing nothing more than injury to the victims in the long run.

We urge all Parry Romberg syndrome victims who have consulted with or who have been altered by Siebert's quackery/surgery to seek competent medical and legal advice immediately.

We know that Dr Siebert is a sociopath, a liar, a fraud and a sex vulture and a reported healthcare thief and pedophile.

Siebert is a phony, so we believe that he has lured and lied to the Parry Romberg patients.

Scamraiders asks Siebert and UW hospital to answer these charges by providing credible evidence to the medical community and the American Medical Association that what Siebert has done can be deemed medically mandated.

Scamraiders inquiries find that what Siebert has and is performing is a scam causing more ultimate injury and suffering while illegally enriching Siebert and UW hospital

Scamraiders will post all medical responses that support Siebert's surgery as up to now the records prove that Siebert is a quack and a butcher.


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