Is Judge Paul Wooten of the New York Unified Court System caught as a trickster, a liar and scoundrel?

Has this judge conspired with Joseph M Burke to railroad Jim Couri with corrupt, bias, illegal decisions, HIPAA violations and secretion of evidence?

Scamraiders has assembled proof of more corruption ongoing a the unified courthouse in NYC. JSC Wooten has gone way to far. Lying, cheating, perpetuating a systematic cover-up issuing decisions in contravention to the facts and inconstant with a controlling injunction binding all parties. Wooten has lied in court proceedings to cover up his and Siebert/Burke's violations of the injunction regarding the making by Burke/Siebert of motions that violate the mandates of the injunction in complicity with Wooten, who then lies to cover the collusion over interstate instrumentality by outright fraud and trickery. Then to further the deception/cover-up Wooten issues a illegal-flawed decision on Sept. 6, 2010 and keeps it in his pocket until Sept. 30, 2010 and releases it to Joe Burke, antics done likewise by Wooten in early August.

This supposed decision violates the mandates of the injunction, is in contravention to Wooten's own prior decisions finding 'Couri's motions improper for failure to comply with the conditions of the injunction', yet ignoring Siebert/Burke's failure to comply with the same injunction they are bound to comply with. then in the secreted 9-6-10 order Wooten relies on decisions generated as a result of the fraud on the court by Burke/Siebert by secreting the injunction and making motions that are improper and not in compliance with the controlling conditions of the 12-12-05 injunction that are mandated as a matter of law to be reversed, vacated and set aside, Jim moved for such vacatures of all such flawed motions by all parties including Joseph M Burke Esq -undaunted and in contravention to HIPAA and the injunction- Wooten's bogus decision of 9-6-10 says that Jim should give to corrupt lawyer Burke HIPAA forms in violation of HIPAA Federal and New York and California state laws, rules and regulations. Wooten cites the Stallman decisions that were generated by Stallman based on Siebert/Burke motions made without compliance with the terms of the injunction and thus must be vacated. Wooten ignores his own decisions to ambush and sand-bag Jim.

All the while JSC Wooten systematically ignores and fails to dismiss/vacate the dozens of improper motions made by Siebert/Burke that willfully have violated the conditions of the 12-12-05 injunction.

Either JSC Wooten is a incompetent or is a bad-egg-rogue corrupt judge. As they say: 'If it walks like a duck it ain't an elephant'. Judge Wooten, you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar and you can not have it both ways, cherry-picking season is over. Your conduct confirms collusion, corruption, incompetence and fraud and your disdain for honor, due process and the rules of law, what say you judge Wooten? Why are you conspiring to deprive the rules of law? The record proves that defendant Siebert and his PC agreed to pay Jim Couri a fortune documented by Siebert signed agreements, notes and contracts and general releases to Jim. What kind of justice are you cowering behind? Jesse James and John Dillinger are long gone and you are supposed to be a honorable judge, not a outlaw doing the bidding for a well documented sex-pervert/vulture and thief. Judge Wooten, you and referee Jack Suter belong together as -two peas in a pod- but not in a courthouse authorized to rip-off citizen-taxpayers-to aid criminals and corrupt lawyers.

Scamraiders will produce more evidence of JCS Wooten's malice and apparent larceny- trickster antics and manipulations of the law in collusion with Joseph M. Burke, John Siebert and others. Judge Wooten, you should read the US Constitution, the JCS Beeler 12-12-05 injunction that you relied to rob Jim and while you're at it read the bill of rights freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the CPLR, HIPAA Federal and state rules and regulations and the penalties for a judge lying on interstate phone lines in a court proceedings while on the bench, to disenfranchise a Pro Se Litigant of his claims, rights and protections under the law and pursuant to a injunction that you, Siebert and Burke violated in a scheme to hold Jim in contempt to gag and cover up a criminal conspiracy -all well documented- these proofs will be posted on Scamraiders shortly that have not yet been posted. Wooten's acts are Rico style crimes of patterns of intentional collusion, and fraud. Scamraiders believes that Wooten's documented and systematic wanton railroading by abuse of judicial power and by undermining the system and the controlling facts and documentary evidence, resulting in the thefts of Jim Couri's claims, money and rights are crimes as part of Rico involving others. Scamraiders will be exposing these who 'stack the deck' at the New York Unified Courthouse. These scaliwags have gained the attention of the federal authorities investigating the corruption in the unified courthouse. So stay tuned.

Shortly there will be some clear and convincing -forensic due diligence- conducted by real courts and involving federal authorities embracing the now well documented lies, corruption, bullyism, fraud and the railroading of honest litigants for back-room cronyism pay-offs, ongoing in the New York unified courts, where the many suspect judges and referees write their own laws and rules to undermine justice, for a clandestine pay-day, spite and greed.

Scamraiders will report and provide more and more evidence and proof of judge Wooten's charlatan, outlaw and trickster antics, illegal decisions, fraud and intentional frauds on interstate phones and suspect interaction with Joe Burke, Jack Suter and others at the 'Orwellian funny-farm unified courthouse charades and follies'. The corruption, collusion and fraud is rampant in these New York courts. Take a look at the exposes at Scamraiders of JSC Joan Madden, referees Jack Suter, Leslie Lowenstein, Louis Crespo, JSC Michael Stallman and now this pretender JSC Wooten. We will provide the proof of our charges in addition to what we have provided to date at Scamraiders.

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