It is easy to win at any game when one cheats---even in the Unified Courthouse New York

Scamraiders has documented a tale of corruption, tampering, perjury, fraud, ambushing, ex parte communications,and a plethora of other intentional & outrageous acts engaged in by Joseph M. Burke, Esq, John Siebert, MD & Kenneth V. Gomez in the 'hallowed halls of the NY Unified Courthouse. And let us not forget corkscrew George Pavia. spite, greed & larceny engaged in by these tricksters have been fully documented & undenied involving referees & judges.

The details are not for the faint of heart but they must be fully exposed so that all can see that courts in NY are for the most part a disgrace & rampant with charades of misdeeds. Joe Burke is a scallywag & a outlaw hiding behind a law degree that he found in a box of cracker-jacks.

Scamraiders has documented these charlatans conduct for over a year and by reviewing these bad-eggs courthouse machinations spanning about 10 years. Putting it bluntly they have we are sure bribed, corrupted & tampered with many, who for now will remain a question soon to be revealed. So please be patient & see Scamraiders

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