Jim Couri a victim of Judge Wooten’s criminal conspiracy

Jim Couri a victim of Judge Wooten’s criminal conspiracy with George Pavia, John Siebert, Joseph M. Burke, Kenneth V. Gomez and others-- corrupt and fraudulent acts aided by his part clerk Warren Rubio who schemed over months and over 19 phone calls by Jim depriving access to the motion part and the court-----collusion, fraud, bribes and extortion---- threatened and extorted by mob front George Pavia and sex pervert-disgraced Dr. John Siebert and his thugs Kenneth v Gomez and Joseph M .Burke, Esqs.

Jim Couri has reported that George Pavia in the presence of witnesses threatened to have Jim murdered. Pavia also on three instances assaulted Jim also in front of 3 witnesses.

The new your courts via JSC madden, JSC Stallman, JSC Wooten have condoned these criminal acts -----why?

Simple---because of bribery, corruption and collusion among corrupt fixer lawyers and greedy and corrupt bad eggs in black robes-----recruited and now well documented------- to rob Jim’s rent stabilized home, $230,000.00 in medical malpractice recoveries and $20million in notes and guarantees Siebert unconditionally agreed to pay -----

And to gag news organization Scamraiders from exposing these acts of scams, corruption bribery and courthouse fixes-------

A conspiracy at the Unified Courthouse at 60 Centre Street – RICO.

So eventually these thieves will pay up along with treble damages…

George Pavia has hired thug lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez along with thief and disgraced Dr. John Siebert who was fired from NYU/Langone Hospital, Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospitals and evicted from 4 NYC medical offices. Gomez works out of Joe Burke's Russo-Burke office in NYC.

These thugs have engaged in yet more extortion, thefts threats and harassment

Gomez and Siebert have harassed threatened Jim Couri and other of Siebert victims. Gomez has emailed lies forged documents, created a blog to proffer lies about Jim and others and has engaged in extortion threats and abuse--

Gomez threats under the direction of Pavia, Siebert and Burke have caused Jim to enter hospital under assumed names. Gomez under their direction has telephoned many engaged in money-laundering, thefts of Medicare liened funds and has threatened Jim by his acts and harassment and has threatened a number of Siebert victims---

Gomez acting at the direction of fascist tax evader George Pavia is desperately trying to gag victims and Scamraiders---- and by harassments, threats and bribery and extortion has schemed to gag and extort Scamraiders---

We have proof of these acts and of the crimes engaged in by this band of thieves who have engaged in bribery, larceny, corrupting judges tampering with court referees and trying to cover up Siebert's sex rapes, narcotics abuses and perjury------

These criminals organized to derail justice and steal from Jim, the tax collector, medical insurers, and Medicare and other insurance companies will soon be confronted with a big surprise------

Stay tuned

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