Jim Couri cross-moves in NY courts to hold John Siebert, MD and Joe Burke, Esq in contempt and seeks to remand them to jail

for perjury, suppression of evidence, tampering, fraud and willful violations of restraining order and its terms and conditions

Siebert and Burke have engaged in perjury, bribery, tampering, fraud, suppression of material evidence and have violated the restraining order and its conditions. They have engaged in harassment, extortion, ex parte tampering with referees and fraud on the court. They have filed claims that are reckless and made to extort, harass and cover-up their crimes, insurance fraud, medicare fraud and immoral acts and sex abuses and rapes of Siebert's patients and narcotics abuses.

Jim is seeking penalties for their contempt and immediate jail, fines and costs. Full cross motion will be posted soon. See Scamraiders.

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