Joe Burke, Esq. and John Siebert, MD abuse, harass, intimidate and extort Gannett Newspapers trying to cover up Siebert and Burke's crimes

Burke's perjury, Siebert's sex molestings and robbery of Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield - all un-denied

Russo and Burke, Esqs, Joe Burke and Kenneth Gomez are known for their extortion, intimidation tactics and frauds. Now they're targeting Gannett/Desert Sun Newspapers because they published a news article about Scamraiders, reporting on scammers and swindlers.

Burke's client, vulture Siebert, is a sex predator, as confirmed by his patients' affidavits and other proof. Siebert has been booted out of NYU Hospital and is the target of a insurance and medicare fraud investigation.

Siebert is a target of a New York State Department of Health investigation for the termination of his medical license. None of this is denied. Burke himself is a documented perjurer, spoliator of evidence, a corrupter/tamperer of referees and a suborner of perjury. Burke has tampered with evidence and has covered up Siebert's crimes. Burke has received fees from Siebert's insurers by fraud - also undenied – now, Burke and thug-pimp Gomez have extorted Gannett Newspapers using interstate instrumentality to commit fraud, extortion and crimes.

See Scamraiders and $10,000.00 rewards

Courtesy Jim Couri Network

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