Joe Burke, Esq., George Pavia, Esq. continue rampant pattern of extortion/intimidation tactics

Is lawyer Joe Burke/Russo and Burke, Esqs attempting to intimidate Castle Connolly Medical for their proper removal of John Siebert, MD for predatory sex acts and being fired from NYU Langone Medical Center in NYC

Joe Burke
Our sources report that corrupt lawyer Joe Burke is trying to shake-down Castle Connolly Medical in an extortion scheme to get them to restore sex vulture Siebert to Castle's listings of 'Best Doctors' - possibly Siebert can get himself on a list of 'Best Sex-Abusing Doctor.'

He and Burke are rogue-criminals and we hope that Castle-Connolly will not be intimidated. Siebert is a confirmed sex abuser and confirmed by NYU staff and the agencies seeking to put a stop to Siebert's practice of medicine.

The NYU Education Dept and Plastic Surgery, and Human Resources have reported Siebert's 'demise' at NYU Langone for 'cause' – for sexual abuse and worse. Castle Connolly, don't be intimidated by these thugs!


George Pavia is a 'well-respected' fraud, liar and extortionist

Lawyer George Pavia
Pimp Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq. refers to his only customer/meal-ticket George Pavia as a 'well-respected lawyer.' Of course, Gomez will do and say anything for a tip. Pavia is and has been an opportunist, fraud, sociopath, and former fascist.

We have proven with documentary evidence that 'Corkscrew George' is a tax cheat, a briber, perjurer, forger, a robber of liened Medicare funds. George is such a creep, he hides behind his thug-pimp Ken Gomez, who has been doing George's dirty-work of extortion, harassment, filing phony claims and doing anything to extort Jim Couri and Scamraiders. These pigs now are covering for sex vulture John Siebert, MD.

George Pavia was never 'well-respected.' This penny-ante phony married 'up' and has been ripping off people for years, culminating with ripping off his own mother and father-in-law out of their home on East 77th Street in NYC and screwing the tax collector for millions in unpaid gift taxes.

George Pavia is a spiteful, vicious, mob -connected lawyer who has threatened Jim in the presence of others. George, you should be careful who you threaten - many are on to you.

Courtesy Jim Couri Network

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