Joe Burke, Esq, John Siebert, MD, compromise a NY court referee

Joe Burke
Burke, a lawyer, admittedly knowing that a note of issue was filed on Mar. 22, 2006, in case Couri vs Siebert - Index # 107240 - allowed disclosure to continue under the egis of referees Louis Crespo and Jack Suter that was barred.

Acting Supreme Court Judge Michael Stallman
Moreover, Burke engaged in illegal and ex parte communications in violations of law and in a scheme to obstruct justice and permit and create illegal orders to be filed depriving Jim Couri of his rights through fraud & corruption.

Dr. John Siebert
Burke, in fact, wrote at least two illegal orders for sure knowing that Suter's appointment was illegal because of the filed not of issue. JSC Michael Stallman of the NY Unified Court, when provided with this spoliation and criminal conduct in full detail - being 'a company man' - condoned Burke, Siebert and Suter's corrupt acts, that are not only criminal but violate court uniform rules and are willful spoliation.

These transparent corrupt acts will be explored in depth via a detailed expose article----coming soon.

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